Every Job Is A Sales Job – How To Use The Art Of Selling To Win At Work


Every Job Is A Sales Job – How To Use The Art Of Selling To Win At Work


An essential roadmap to achieving professional and personal successfrom the First Lady of Sales While you may not have sales in your title, that doesnt mean you dont have to sell.

Renowned sales authority Dr. Cindy McGovern believes that everyone is a salesperson, regardless of his or her job description.

When you ask for a referral, network to form a new connection, or interview for a job, youre selling the other person on an ideal version of yourself.

Every Job is a Sales Job will help you learn to identify selling opportunities that you may have overlooked.

This indispensable roadmap will show you how to take control of your personal and professional success.

McGovern shares her proven 5-step sales process to help you attract new business, retain existing customers, and spot opportunities to promote yourself and your ideas.

Youll learn how to:

Create a plan and set attainable goals Identify subtle opportunities that could result in future success Establish trust and listen for clues to understand what others needAsk for what you want and move past the fear of rejection Follow up on your ask, be grateful, and pay it forwardMuster up the courage to ask for referrals and references




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