Everlasting Ad Master Class – Keith Krance


Everlasting Ad Master Class by Keith Krance guides you through how to develop social advertising and marketing campaigns to gain higher conversion rates

Everlasting Ad Master Class by Keith Krance guides you through how to develop social advertising and marketing campaigns to gain higher conversion rates.

Everlasting Ad Master Class by Keith Krance

Everlasting Ad Master Class by Keith Krance walks you through the step-by-step guidelines on how to develop strategies and techniques for the top-out earnings through marketing campaigns on social media platforms. The best practices extracted from the realistic experiences of Keith Krance are openly shared in this course, so that you can learn the practical actions for your business. 

The curriculum of the Everlasting Ad Master Class by Keith Krance includes: 

  • Module 1 – System Designing and Full Ads Manager Tutorials:

  • Instruction on the Facebook Ad Basic Structure & Key Performance factors. 
  • The principles that you need to know for the best performances of Facebook marketing tasks and management. 
  • The overview of the Facebook Business Manager Tour. 
  • The whole process of adding and creating your Ad Account. 
  • The development of an Ad from Pixel to Audiences and Publishing. 
  • Module 2 – Selling Systems and Landing Pages: 

  •  Instructions on the selling systems for your ads.
  • Insights into the local and service-based business. 
  • Guidelines on the digital products, such as entry points and offers, B2B Mid-Tier Entry offer, webinar and free videos, and so on. 
  • Instructions on physical products, such as Ecommerce platforms. 
  • Insights into offers, consulting and agencies, the standard strategy and case studies. 
  • And so much more!
  • Module 3 – U.P.S.Y.D. Awareness Mastery and Hacking Your Top 1% Hook:

  • Instructions on how to balance momentum with system building. 
  • Insights into four buyer personas and customer buyer cycles. 
  • Guideline on the U.P.S.Y.D. Awareness process. 
  • And so much more!
  • Module 4 – Story Mapping and Finding The Right Style: 

  • The tool of Everlasting Ad Scripting. 
  • The foundation of wildcard blocks. 
  • The application guidelines are shown.
  • The story mapping quiz. 
  • Finishing Copy and Scripts:

  • The blocks to your writing that might come up in the process are pointed out. 
  • The methods to break through all the blocks and obstacles to your writing are openly shared. 
  • Access to the examples of writing with the blocks and editing with Keith. 
  • And so much more!
  • Module 6 – Launching the Ad with the Right Setup and Audiences:

  • Deep dives into the Facebook Ad Campaign structure. 
  • The buildup of a Campaign Structure Everlasting Ad Master Class. 
  • How to gain insights into the objectives of campaigns. 
  • The creation of amazing audiences. 
  • The creation and launching of advertising campaigns. 
  • The best practices of facebook reporting and analysis. 

About Keith Krance

Keith Krance

Keith Krance is the founder of Dominate Web Media where you can gain access to the consultancy to optimize your internet marketing strategies and tactics to gain more traffic and customers. The channels or touch points that Keith Krance has had expertise in are social media platforms. Keith has supported many entrepreneurs and business owners to develop their brands fast as well as accelerate your business’s profit momentum. The list of clients that Keith Krance has worked with includes the big names, such as Organifi, Mindvalley, Amy Porterfield, Digital Marketer, Frank Kern, Teachable, BioTrust, Dog Training, Advanced BioNutritionals, Wicked Reports, and so on

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