ETSY POD Secrets 2019 – Fernando Sustaita


Earn an easy extra income with ETSY POD Secrets 2019 by Fernando Sustaita

Print on demand is a fantastic method to operate a company. It saves time and money. There is no inventory; there are no upfront expenses; and there is minimal risk. All that is required of you is to concentrate on producing excellent designs. When a client buys a product, it is manufactured and delivered to the customer without the need for you to ever touch it. It’s very cool. However, even if print on demand is a fantastic business concept, is it permitted on Etsy? On Etsy, you may order items to be printed on demand. All items sold on Etsy must be created and/or designed entirely by hand. Sellers are permitted to sell their products via the Etsy platform using print on demand as long as they develop their own designs and identify the printing partners with whom they are collaborating.

ETSY POD Secrets 2019 of Fernando Sustaita is a training program that will teach you how to create an easy additional $3-5K per month in the next 90 days by dedicating a few hours per week to your company. It is designed to be completed in 90 days or less. Fernando Sustaita will show you how he has been able to consistently generate an additional 3-5K per month for the past 2 years with his own P.O.D (Print-On-Demand) eCommerce store that does not require a large investment in shopping carts or systems yet taps into a relatively unknown hot buyer marketplace that even the majority of this platform’s sellers are unaware of its incredible true potential. 


The key features of ETSY POD Secrets 2019 course by Fernando Sustaita including

  • A Step-by-Step Roadmap & Playbook: This is an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide that will significantly increase your outcomes because you’ll have a short action plan to guide you from the start.
  • Detailed Video Tutorials: Over twenty in-depth step-by-step, over-the-shoulder video tutorials that demonstrate exactly what Fernando Sustaita performs on a daily basis.
  • Explosive Sales Strategies: Included two tutorial films that will increase your order value and teach you the hidden tactics for earning more money from your customers.


Get to know more about your instructor Fernando Sustaita

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As an online merchant since 1998, E-Commerce specialist Fernando Sustaita has helped hundreds of individuals sell their goods on Amazon, Etsy and other royalty-based platforms, as well as on his own Shopify store. His skill in e-commerce has made him a household name. According to him, he’s committed to changing consumers’ perceptions of online shopping in order to help entrepreneurs develop and scale their companies while staying helpful. He wants you to feel hopeful, confident, and upbeat after the session. When Fernando Sustaita’s father’s business failed, he lost $3 million in income and had to find new employment. Before he discovered the solution that worked for him, he had to put up with skepticism, mockery, and scorn. Initially, he made money via Ebay, but the real business was yet to emerge.

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