Erin Flynn – Streamline Design Profit


Erin Flynn – Streamline Design Profit


Inside Streamline Design Profit, I take you step-by-step through my entire process, from potential client inquiry to website launch.

Each module includes worksheets, scripts, and/or templates to make it easy for you to make REAL progress and complete the course.

MODULE ONE: Pricing + Targeting

Learn how to determine exactly how much money you need to make to create your highly-profitable web design business.
Then, find a niche you adore working with and that has money to pay you.
Next, narrow down to your ideal clients (who can afford you) and learn how to attract them.

MODULE TWO: Packaging + Selling

You’re selling the wrong thing. Learn what you need to focus on selling that will have your ideal clients practically throwing their money at you.
Streamline all of your services so that you’re selling only what you enjoy and what your ideal clients want to buy.
Sell the value of working with you, so that you’re no longer competing against others, but become the clear no-brainer choice to your ideal clients.
Package and sell your services in a way that has clients saying “YES!” before they even contact you.
Wrap up the module by outlining your payment schedules so you get cash coming in regularly.


Now that you know what you’re selling and who you’re selling it to, it’s time to market your business!
Learn the BEST ways to market your web design business-and why most marketing tactics you see online are DEAD WRONG.
Utilize your existing network to minimize your time spent marketing, while getting clients consistently.
Grow your network with easy to follow tactics that will increase your referrals.
To blog or not to blog? Discover if blogging is right for you and your business.
Tap into email lists to nurture your clients, without having to attract thousands of people.
Decide on a social media platform to engage your ideal customers.
Wrap up the module by creating a marketing plan that works for YOUR business.

MODULE FOUR: Client Screening & Sales

Who wants to work with bad clients? Not you. And you don’t have to anymore. Learn how to automatically screen out bad clients before you waste any time on them.
Set up your inquiry forms so that potential clients give you the information you need to know if they’re the right fit for you or if you should pass on the project.
Create an intro packet that will weed out bad clients and get great ones excited to work with you.
Then hop on a discovery call to truly understand your client’s needs (and I promise this isn’t as scary as it seems!).
Create a proposal template that will cut down your proposal time to just minutes-but will convert clients like a dream.

MODULE FIVE: Client Onboarding

You’ve got a client, now what?! Welcome your client aboard with a welcome packet that will outline everything they need to know during the project, and keep things running smoothly.
Set up your project in a project management system to keep your projects on-time and on-track.
Assign your clients homework to get what you need from them-including login info, a strategy questionnaire, and a website content guide, so you never have to wait on your clients again!

MODULE SIX: Website Build

It’s time to make a website! Learn how to design strategically so that your website designs do more than just look pretty, they solve problems for your clients (which means you can charge more for them!).
Host a successful strategy call with your client to make sure you’re both on the same page.
Dive into the mockup and learn a faster way to create websites.
Present your work to your client like a professional, and cut down on revision cycles.
Learn how to extract feedback from your client that you can actually use to make changes-but be prepared for a lot fewer revision requests!
Finally, test the website to make sure it’s all working perfectly.

MODULE SEVEN: Website Launch

3.2.1.LAUNCH! Launch your excited client’s website into the world!

Hand off the project smoothly with your goodbye packet that will cut down on support after the website is live.
Collect feedback from your client that you can use to make improvements to your processes, as well as turn into testimonials and case studies that will attract more amazing clients your way.
Pop the champagne and pat yourself on the back for a job well done!



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