Emotional Freedom Techniques and Tapping – David Feinstein, Robert Schwarz & Robin Bilazarian

The video course Emotional Freedom Techniques and Tapping by David Feinstein, Robert Schwarz & Robin Bilazarian has a running time of 6 hours and 17 minutes.


Learn evidence-based, mind-body treatment approach to the anxiety spectrum disorders and pain in the webinar recording Emotional Freedom Techniques and Tapping by David Feinstein, Robert Schwarz & Robin Bilazarian

When your customers struggle with worry, you can not persuade your brains that they are secure when your racing heart, stiff muscles and tight stomach are all a risk. To alter the tenacious beliefs behind the anxiety of your client, we sometimes need to go beyond cognitive approaches and conventional relaxation techniques that incorporate a new set of abilities to ease your feelings and cope with unpleasant thoughts and uncomfortable emotions. This is the power of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), both the cognitive side of the brain and the emotional side of the brain to alleviate suffering fast.

EFT is an integrated therapy of the mind and body that desensitizes three areas: undesirable ideas, emotions and bodily reactions. EFT blends restaurant acupressure theory physical treatments with cognitive interventions. This Emotional Freedom Techniques and Tapping recording by David Feinstein, Robert Schwarz & Robin Bilazarian focuses on state-of-the-art EFT technologies for the treatment of anxiety spectrum disorders, such as phobias, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, panic, OCDs and the acute traumatic stress response. These mind-body approaches emerge as a quick, effective, non-invasive, soothing and desensitizing aid in the major areas of mental health, trauma therapy, coaching, staff support and sport psychology. Do not miss this chance to discover evidence-based strategies that you can apply with your customers immediately and enhance treatment results.

In this fun and engaging online video course with world top EFT specialists, Emotional Freedom Techniques and Tapping, you’re going to learn how to employ efficient, mind-body EFT procedures to assist your customers get relief from their anxiety issues. Based on the therapeutic concepts utilized over thousands of years, the EFT incorporates mind-body treatments that in over 100 current research studies and three meta-analyses have proved to quickly reduce anxiety. By tapping light and delicate touch, your customers may reduce their anxiety in as little as 5 minutes drastically and help them address long-term traumas and anxieties which are otherwise impossible to deal with.

Here is the outline of the webinar recording of David Feinstein, Robert Schwarz & Robin Bilazarian called Emotional Freedom Techniques and Tapping: 

  • Module 1: The Origins and Research of the EFT
  • Module 2: Using EFT to Overcome Phobias Techniques for Emotional Freedom and Tapping
  • Module 3: EFT for Stress, Panic Disorder, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder
  • Module 4: EFT for Social Anxiety and Social Skill Development Emotional Freedom Techniques and Tapping
  • Module 5: Emotional Freedom Techniques for Acute and Chronic Trauma Techniques for Emotional Freedom and Tapping
  • Module 6: Exercises in Energy Psychology and the Mind-Body Connection
  • Module 7: The Ecosystemic Model of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: The Distinction Between Resolution and Distress Following Trauma
  • Module 8: Energy Psychology’s Potential Neuroscience Mechanisms for Trauma and Anxiety
  • Module 9: Memory Reinforcement Techniques for Emotional Freedom and Tapping

Meet your course experts Robin Bilazarian, Robert Schwarz, & David Feinstein


Robin Bilazarian

A short therapeutic specialist, author and speaker Robin Bilazarian provides a wealth of knowledge and 20 years’ expertise in EFT integration into conventional mental health treatment with passion and humour. Her book on this subject is Tapping the Mighty Mind – Simple Stress, Conflict and Pain Solutions. Her love is to use these quick, comprehensive and gentle meridian and cognitive approaches in the mainstream treatment of clinical mental health.

Robert Schwarz

Robert Schwarz is an authorized psychologist, master and trainer who has worked for more than 30 years. For almost 20 years, he has been teaching trauma treatment and energy psychology techniques. He has organized courses on trauma, ericksonian hypnosis, short treatment and energy psychology abroad. He is recognized for his ability to offer clinical skills in an inclusive model. His classes are always interesting and entertaining, full of comedy and emotionally touching examples.

David Feinstein

ethics in energy healing — clarityandwisdom

David Feinstein is a clinician and nine-time national award winner for his works on awareness and healing. He and his wife set up the largest energy medicine educational organization in the world, and their latest book, The Energies of Love, is the top seller of the New York Times Relationship List. More than 100 papers have also been authored in professional literature. Dr. Feinstein has worked as a researcher in faculties at The University of Medicine Johns Hopkins, Antioch College and the Professional Psychology School of California.

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