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The course Email Marketing of ConversionXL & Jessica Best teaches you the foundation and essential techniques to develop your Email Marketing campaigns.

Become the best marketer of tomorrow with Email Marketing course from ConversionXL & Jessica Best

The number of email users worldwide is predicted at 4.1 billion by the end of 2021. Email marketing may feel like time is wasted on your own experiences, e.g. sorting, storage, left swiping, spam flagging, etc. But think about the firms whose communications or goods you love looking forward to. These are the emails which are never lost in your inbox and the emails with which you open and contact.

Email is the marketing instrument to build a fluid, linked and uninterrupted purchaser experience. Email marketing enables you to establish contacts with managers, customers and former customers. You have the chance to talk to them immediately in your email, at a time suitable for them. In combination with the appropriate message, e-mail may become one of your most powerful marketing platforms.

In this ConversionXL & Jessica Best’s Email Marketing course you will learn how to quickly create lists, what to send them and how to drive your email marketing. If you have not received formal training in e-mail marketing but nevertheless charge your firm for creating a strategy, content, or sending a schedule to email marketing campaigns for your company, this course is ideal for you. This course is still excellent if you have been email marketing for years, but think that you don’t receive a $20+ return on investment or that you haven’t even acquired a lot of information about email marketing.

To join ConversionXL & Jessica Best in the Email Marketing class, basic marketing knowledge, education, or experience is not necessary, but will assist you. This course gives a running start for individuals new to the industry, but every lesson contains something that even an email marketing practitioner can benefit from. Figure out what Email Marketing course can benefit you as follows:

  • Lesson 1: Email Marketing basics: The Good, the Bad, and the WOW
  • Lesson 2: Optimizing Email Marketing List Growth
  • Lesson 3: Optimizing Email Marketing Content
  • Lesson 4: Optimizing Email Marketing with Data


Getting to know your mentor Jessica Best

For a variety of brands such as Spirit Airlines, Dairy Queen, Planet Fitness, Winnebago, Beauty Brand,, Hostess, Hallmark Baby, At Home, Farmland Foods, Banfield Pet Hospitals, SelectQuote and Boulevard Brewing Company, Jessica Best has also been able to lift its ROIs in customer and data marketing. Jessica is also spreading from the stage the good news of effective email marketing. She led training, talked to tens of people from Las Vegas to Barcelona from over 1200 and to SXSW Interactive in Austin from Vancouver. In 2016, she became the VP of Data-Driven Marketing in the Barkley Team, executing the best practices for Barkley’s customers.


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You need abilities across several areas to become the greatest. The greatest marketers of the future need to be analytically knowledgeable, highly qualified in client acquisition, adapted for conversion optimisation, branding skills and user research. This is the emphasis of ConversionXL – offering you both knowledge in a wide range of talents and profound abilities of the few who matter most. ConversionXL employs proven techniques of training developed by one of the foremost learning researchers, Dr. Will Thalheimer. All training programs at ConversionXL focus deliberately on increasing your job performance.

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