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 Email List Academy by Melyssa Griffin shares with you the effective techniques and strategies of email marketing campaigns for higher conversion rates

Email List Academy by Melyssa Griffin: The re-definition of email marketing

Amid the high rises of social marketing platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. Email marketing seems to lose its attraction. However, the power of emails is still there waiting for your discoveries. All you need is the right track of developing and managing email marketing to reach the right targets at the right timing with the right content and messages. Email List Academy by Melyssa Griffin offers you a 90 – day system for the huge growth of email lists, increasing engagement and the mastery of email marketing power. The striking perspectives on email marketing are shown along with the striking techniques and strategies that have been applied to real business and brought back huge profits.  


If you have been encountering problems with:


  • The development of an email list. 
  • The consistency of list – building strategies. 
  • The content of your emails. 
  • The supporting strategies of blogs and posts. 
  • And so much more!


The Email List Academy by Melyssa Griffin sheds light on the powerful solutions that can help you boost the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns and strategies. 


What can you expect when taking the Email List Academy by Melyssa Griffin?

  • A comprehensive walk – through on techniques and strategies to enhance response rates and engagement rates of emails. 
  • The formula and principles that you can apply to boost the effectiveness of email marketing strategies are provided. 
  • The step-by-step guidelines on various types of email content and templates are openly shared through the provision of worksheets matching your personality for the creation of unique voices. 
  • The secrets that can skyrocket your email lists are openly shared. 
  • The enhancement of engagement and conversion rates is enabled. 
  • And so much more!


Bonuses that you can gain access to the  Email List Academy by Melyssa Griffin include:

  • The Untold Secrets of My 7 – Figure Business
  • Attract Your Ideal Audience.
  • How to Organically Grow your Traffic Masterclass. 
  • How to Grow Your List with Free Publicity. 
  • Private Email List Academy Facebook Group. 
  • 60 Days of ConvertKit for Free. 


Email marketing is still effective if you know how to leverage it. Besides, it can help you stand out among others in the market where the differences in the Email List Academy by Melyssa Griffin are pointed out through the classic methods of interaction. In addition to the touching points of social media platforms, email marketing can help you get access to the direct marketing for details of content for the conversion and engagement rates. 

About Melyssa Griffin

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Melyssa Griffin has been working in the field of content marketing strategies and techniques that help you reconnect with your audiences for the growth of business. Melyssa Griffin has worked on many projects that content plays an important role in the development of touch points with customers for conversion and engagement rates through campaigns and the automation process for the list growth, content marketing techniques, etc. to build the strength of your business through the long – term relationships with customers. 


For further information about Email List Academy by Melyssa Griffin, in terms of price, samples, etc. or other courses/books sharing the same topic, you can reach out to our support team via Email, Skype or live chat on our website.

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