Existential and Humanistic Psychotherapy – Dr. James F.G. Bugental


Existential and Humanistic Psychotherapy by Dr. James Bugental, top classics from a legendary therapist

Existential and Humanistic Psychotherapy by Dr. James Bugental provides the videos, interviews and writings through which you can gain insights into the process of conducting powerful therapies for your clients. Dr. James Bugental is known for his striking approaches which can fully unlock the true potentials of clients in his therapy sessions. Existential and Humanistic Psychotherapy is an ample chance to take a closer look at his methods. Through the course, you can pocket invaluable insights into spotting underlying ideas when listening to your clients, which even they can see for themselves or are too shy to speak out. Working with humans is not easy, which takes a lot of time and effort of researching and practices, which is packed in the Existential and Humanistic Psychotherapy by Dr. James Bugental. It provides you with the shortcuts due to the chance to learn from the best and legendary therapist like Dr. James Bugental. 

Overview of what you learn in Existential and Humanistic Psychotherapy by Dr. James Bugental:

  • How to facilitate your client during the therapy sessions. 
  • The knowledge about the balance of confrontation with support. 
  • Highlighted subjectivity of the clients as a solid foundation to develop an intensive work. 
  • How to instruct your clients on the process of searching. 
  • Illuminating insights into Existential & Humanistic therapeutic tools and interventions.
  • The cores to build up an Existential/Humanistic psychotherapy. 
  • And so much more!

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About Dr. James Bugental 

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Dr. James Bugental is a top expert in Existential and Humanistic Psychotherapy, sharing the methods to unlock the power of humans. His ground – breaking book, The Search for Authenticity, is considered as the bible for any therapist who would love to see the implications in the subjective sharing of your clients. You can check out other notable books, including Psychotherapy and Process, The Art of the Psychotherapist, and Psychotherapy Isn’t What You Think. Moreover, there are many videos and interviews with James Bugental for you to take a glimpse into how he could develop and conduct effective therapy sessions with clients. It must be a pity when Dr. James Bugental passed away, however, you can now still learn about his brilliant methods through his writings, articles and videos, etc. collected and compiled by the www.psychotherapy.net, an online platform specialising in the best methods and strategies for therapists. There are many prominent authors and experts in psychotherapy, besides Dr. James Bugental, for you to diversify the frames of references for your therapy styles.

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