Design Fundamentals – Laura Elizabeth


Design Fundamentals by Laura Elizabeth is the starting point for every developer and web designer who has little knowledge and experience of web design

Design Fundamentals – Laura Elizabeth is the starting point for every developer and web designer who has little knowledge and experience of web design.

If you are new to web design, the Design Fundamentals – Laura Elizabeth is a go-to course!

Design Fundamentals by Laura Elizabeth shares with you the best practices along with the fundamentals of web design for those who are the novice website designers. Every aspect of web design is covered in this course with the detailed instructions and the demonstrations of how-tos. As a result, you can gain access to the shortcuts through the optimization of workflow development and the tools as well as the mindset. 

There are six modules in the Design Fundamentals by Laura Elizabeth, so you can learn the step-by-step guidelines on techniques and methods that Laura has applied to her web design career. The fundamentals are important because they can help you get away from the common mistakes and focus on the right path of web design. The comprehensive guidelines on techniques and strategies extracted from realistic experiences of Laura Elizabeth can help you kick off your web design career with a smooth process. It is highly recommended for your starting point. 

What is waiting for you in the Design Fundamentals – Laura Elizabeth?

  • The simple, but powerful workflow that Laura has followed to design websites are openly shared so that you can spot the best practices for the development of your workflow. 
  • The mindset of a designer is pointed out so that you can accelerate the process of web design in the way your mind works on ideas, designing techniques, and so on. 
  • Access to real case studies is open for you to look at a wide range of websites to expand your references. 
  • How to simplify the process of image and illustration treatment is shared so that you can easily kick off your first web design. 

The curriculum of the Design Fundamentals – Laura Elizabeth includes:

  • Module 1 walks you through the aspects of:
  • The preparation of content for a design project. 
  • The variety of design styles and the best practices. 
  • The collection of inspiration sources. 
  • Layout of your website. 
  • Module 2 shares with you the instructions on:
  • The sketching layouts. 
  • How to input your content. 
  • The principles of space and alignment in a website. 
  • The common mistakes of layout are pointed out alongside the recommended solutions. 
  • Typography. 
  • Module 3 sheds light on:
  • The selection of body text fonts. 
  • The selection of fonts for headlines. 
  • The details of typography and colors. 
  • And so much more!
  • Module 4 walks you through:
  • How to select a base color. 
  • The accent findings. 
  • The utilisation of grey. 
  • The best practices of imagery. 
  • Module 5 guides you through:
  • How to source photography. 
  • The editing process of photos for web design. 
  • The techniques of cutting out images. 
  • The best practices of icon, illustration and the display of screenshot usage for web design. 
  • And so much more!
  • Module 6 provides illuminating insights into
  • The identification of problem areas and the solutions. 
  • The best practices of responsive designs. 
  • The consistency in design. 
  • And so much more!

About Laura Elizabeth

Laura Elizabeth (@laurium) | Twitter

Laura Elizabeth is the woman behind many web design projects for the best designs and user experiences. Laura is the body and soul of three different products, including:

  • Client Portal for the simple, but powerful way to store the deliverables of clients. 
  • Design Academy for the educational programs for developers and web designers. 
  • Project Pack for access to the templates and documents that freelancers and agencies would love to have. 

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