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The Life Code by Derek Rydall offers an ample chance for you to take a closer look at yourself and the true power that has been waiting to be explored.

The Life Code by Derek Rydall, life is mysterious but our own one is a real enigma! 

The Life Code by Derek Rydall addresses some of the overlooked aspects, such as the ego, soul, fear, identity crisis, etc. for you to actually live with abundance and fulfillment. The crazy pace of modernity keeps making us feel that we are running out of time, with deadlines everywhere and productivity seems to be the enemy of creativity. You seem to never sit back and think about yourself, however, personal time is extremely important to recharge and reflect on what you want and how you can reach your life goals, rather than following the social conceptions. 

The Life Code by Derek Rydall walks you through the detailed explanation on why and how you can understand yourself better, and decode your life ‘enigma’. There are five parts in the Life Code by Derek Rydall, sharing illuminating insights into the kit of mapping reality and survival, depression and innovation, the goals that your ego wants and the ones that your soul wants, your life questions and how to find answers to them, and so on. There is no right method for everyone, especially something related to life and personal development. The root for sustainable development is an intimate understanding of yourself, and the continuous effort for self-exploration to decode the enigma in your life for an abundant and fulfilled life.  

Overview of what you learn in the Life Code by Derek Rydall:

  • Insights into the kit of reality map and survival underlying in the random life events of yours, for a brighter future that is full of hopes. 
  • Deep – dives into the core wounds that lead to repression and coping mechanisms, etc. as the stepping stone to the core initiation. They are two modes in life, however, it is the mutual beginning. Without core wounds, the important parts of yourself might not be activated with the goal of core initiation.  
  • The difference in the goal of your ego and the one of your soul might be the reason for internal conflicts, and discombobulating state, which can lead to the false goal. The guidelines to identify your real goal are shared in the session. 
  • The key phases in your life, for learning, transition, epiphanies, etc. are pointed out, which reveal the underlying patterns that you unconsciously follow. You learn the lessons of your life through looking at your own life, and embrace all of them to cherish and become a better person. 
  • There are many questions happening all around, some you can find the answers to immediately, some you spend a little bit longer time finding the answers to, and some you have to spend your whole life on! It is important to identify such questions, which can help you draw the roadmap to practice for much more productivity and success, creativity, and so on. 

About Derek Rydall

Derek Rydall

For the experiences of many dramatic events in life, such as twice in near – death experience, being broke, etc. Derek Rydall gained his greatest epiphany for the life questions and the identification of identity. The best – selling book, EMERGENCE: Seven Steps for Radical Life Change, is written by Derek Rydall as the extraction of his practical lessons from his own life. Moreover, you can also get access to his brilliant mind through other notable projects and programs, such as THE ABUNDANCE PROJECT: 40 Days to More Wealth, Health, Love, and Happiness, where the Abundance principle based system is shown and the profound impacts are pointed out. The ultimate goals of Derek Rydall’s courses and educational programs are to help you to find your ultimate goal in life, which is the key to unlocking true fulfillment and abundance.

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