Deeper Tuning for Your Electric Body – Eileen McKusick


The course Deeper Tuning for Your Electric Body by  Eileen McKusick enables you to harmonize your biofield, clear blocked energy, and raise your voltage.

Calm your nervous system and boost your immunity with Eileen McKusick in her course Deeper Tuning for Your Electric Body

What if you could remember every emotion and event you’ve ever had? And that your brainstem stores the energy fingerprints of every fight-flight-freeze reaction? In fact, your navel contains emotional energy and self-righteousness. Healthy immunity and the ability to experience unconditional love depend on a harmonic energy balance in the thymus gland. These strong energy zones are part of your biofield, the energy field that surrounds and pervades your body. They can also help you repair your complete body by detecting tiny abnormalities in your sympathetic nervous system before they create pain or disease.

During her decades of pioneering study on the human biofield and our body’s electromagnetic energy, Eileen McKusick identified the relevance of these half-step energy zones. In this new advanced session, she will guide you through a 10-step immersive sound-healing journey concentrating on these vital areas. Eileen will use her tuning fork to discover discord and restore harmony in these strong energy zones, from your pituitary master gland to your shins, which may energetically hold you back from being self-confident and living joyfully. Increasing clarity, confidence, joy, spontaneity, creativity, and playfulness can be achieved by restoring electromagnetic energy balance in these deeper energy zones via sound therapy.

Each session in Deeper Tuning for Your Electric Body by Eileen McKusick includes a therapeutic biofield tune-up

The mind-body techniques Eileen McKusick will teach you can help you improve your health, alter unhelpful thinking patterns, unstuck from life difficulties, boost creativity, and bring more pleasure and joy into your life. Affective and physical difficulties will be explored deeply, from poor self-esteem to hidden addictions to energy “static” handed down through generations and infiltrating your DNA.

She has witnessed continuous results in her clients throughout the decades she has studied and practiced this powerful type of sound healing. To get consistent and beneficial treatment effects, Eileen observed that the human biofield has its own unique anatomy and physiology. She utilizes a tuning fork to send forth vibrations that identify a bodily or emotional imbalance. She is, in essence, putting out sound to discover imbalances and listening for sound that signals equilibrium or resonance.

You’ll also like Eileen’s straightforward approach to this healing technique, based on research and her own decades of success working with thousands of people globally using sound healing vibrations. We may compassionately catch ourselves in unbeneficial habits and even affectionately laugh at ourselves, thanks to her refreshing and often hilarious view on human flaws. This training is meant to give instant effects, such as deep relaxation and stress relief. Some folks may need to detox after an experienced tuning fork therapy.

For this reason, before attending this advanced course, Eileen is strongly advised to delve through the seven modules of her fundamental biofield tuning course. The 10-module Deeper Tuning for Your Electric Body program is aimed at providing a deeper, often more intensive balance of your energy zones which should be developed gradually, firstly with the basic program. Deeper tuning for your electrical body contains entire recordings for Eileen’s seven-week founding education and, underlines Eileen, at least two-day break is best scheduled between completing the first course and starting the advanced programme.


What you expect to learn in this 10 module course Deeper Tuning for Your Electric Body by Eileen McKusick

In this 10-part transformation intensive Eileen guides you through the essential spiritual abilities and talents necessary for clearing energy barriers in your half-stage areas and harmonizing the complete electrobody, calming your nervous system and boosting your immunity. This course includes lessons, interactive training and experience with Eileen. Each session in Deeper Tuning for Your Electric Body builds harmoniously on the previous ones so you will acquire a comprehensive understanding of techniques, skills, and principles that you need to open up and maintain the emotional and physical balance that a tuning fork can give for sound healing.

  • Module 1: Your Master Gland: Finding Balance for a More Fulfilling Life
  • Module 2: Calming Your Sympathetic Nervous System Through Your Brainstem
  • Module 3: Developing a Strong Immune System and the Capacity for Unconditional Love
  • Module 4: Your Stomach: Dissolving Confusion and Breathing Your Way to Relaxation
  • Module 5: A Unique Integration and the Biofield Tuning Philosophy, Science, and Practice
  • Module 6: Your Navel: Uncovering Barriers to Genuine Well-Being Module 7: Your Reproductive System: Overcoming Guilt and Shame in Order to Embrace Creativity and Pleasure
  • Module 8: Your Thighs: Overcoming Procrastination and Fear in Order to Surround Yourself with Inspiration and Spontaneity
  • Module 9: Your Shins: Losing ‘Dominance’ for Increased Power, Freedom, and Joy
  • Module 10: Integrating and Communicating Your Collective Coherence

About your course leader Eileen McKusick

Eileen McKusick

Eileen McKusick is an award-winning researcher and the inventor of the revolutionary method of sound-therapy, Biofield Tuning. After spending more than 20 years exploring the electromagnetic field around the human body, she carefully mapped and unveiled the effect of magnetic fields on our physical, mental and emotional well-being. Eileen has educated hundreds of healers, physicians and practitioners in the healing of Biofield Tuning.

Eileen McKusick is an inspirational and energetic speaker and delivers biofield sciences, therapeutic sound, consciousness, electricity, plasma, human health and potential worldwide. She has spoken several more professional meetings including the Electric Universe Conference, UBUNTU Fest, the Global Sound Healing Conference and others. Based on her masters’ thesis, Tuning the Human Biofield, Exploring the Effects of Audible Sound on the Human Body and Biofield, she earned Nautilus Award. Her second book, detailing the new paradigm of electro-sonic cosmology, she is now working on.

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