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Understand the notion behind planning book launching event and attract more customers with Book Bestseller Launch Planner by Dede Stockton 

Come and unravel what is there in Book Bestseller Launch Planner 

You have managed to write up and author a masterpiece and you’ve placed all your soul in it. What is left is how you’ll supply it to your targeted audience? Without a right plan and strategy, your hard piece of work will not come into as much popularity as you desired it to be. Therefore Dede Stockton has come into the rescue with the net course: Book Bestseller Launch Planner. An excellent release could make your book promote for longer. Through the direction of Book Bestseller Launch Planner, Dede Stockton will format a step-by-step plan in the way to produce the maximum top of the line ee-e book release. As a scholar of the direction Book Bestseller Launch Planner, you may get the secrets and techniques behind the success of Dede Stockton‘ profession as a writer. 


Here’s what you’ll get in Book Bestseller Launch Planner:

  • Step 1: Lay the Foundation
  • Exercise: Build your internet site
  • Exercise: Breaking down your website foundation page by page


  • Step 2: Polish Your Social Presence
  • Exercise: Brand yourself for visibility


  • Step 3: Create a Landing Page
  • Exercise: Create a high-converting landing page
  • Exercise: List five bonuses you plan to provide with your new book


  • Step 4: Work Your List
  • Exercise: Teasing Your Launch
  • Exercise: Create a nurture collection that gives a soft promotion


  • Step 5: Leveraging Your Connections
  • Exercise: List five influential podcasts to leverage
  • Exercise: List five influential bloggers to leverage
  • Exercise: List five influential referral partners to leverage


  • Step 6: Build a Buzz
  • Exercise: Plan Your Buzz Funnel


  • Step 7: Plan Your Book Tour
  • Exercise: Plan your book tour


  • Step 8: Advertise
  • Exercise: Plan your social media marketing strategy


  • Step 9: Launch Day
  • Exercise: Plan your “Live” buzz


  • Step 10: Keep the Momentum Going – Plan Your Next Bestseller!
  • Exercise: Keep the momentum going
  • Your clients will LOVE having this planner they are able to download or print off!

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Dede Stockton is presently running as both a VA and an author! Dede Stockton has been working in Admin and IT off and on since 1983. Her love for technology and the net has allowed her to improve with the rapidly changing world of technology in the course of the years. Dede Stockton decided to start her personal virtual assistant business enterprise as a method to be able to make contributions to her family’s earnings while still having the power to assist with the day by day desires of running a home and taking care of the needs of her aging mother. Today Dede Stockton works with customers who want assistance in running numerous components in their busy and successful businesses, without the need to provide space and advantages for new employees. Dede Stockton strives to make every and each client experience as though they may be her only client! Imagine that you had a “clone” and that might be her!

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