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The Automatic Candlestick Setup Indicator of Decisive Trading provides you not only the indicator installation but also a training session from James Orr.

Reap a number of benefit from the course Automatic Candlestick Setup Indicator of Decisive Trading

The Automatic Candlestick Setup Indicator will automatically identify the candlestick settings that have the highest likelihood of occurring. This program will automatically identify the entry configurations with the best likelihood of success. These patterns have been refined over a period of hundreds of hours of practice. This indicator is intended to be used in conjunction with the Zone Trader course; however, it is also useful to anybody who has their own trading strategy and is seeking for a tool to assist them in selecting the optimal setup candles on a consistent basis.

Save time and money by avoiding costly errors. Allow the program to complete the task for you. Automatic Candlestick Setup Indicator is compatible with both Pro Real Time and MT4 trading platforms.

Please keep in mind that this indicator will choose all of the candles that comply with the stringent criteria established by Decisive Trading in order to maximize profit. In the absence of Zone Trader techniques, you must develop your own trading strategy in order to identify appropriate reversal or continuation regions in which to search for these signals.

Here is the course curriculum of Automatic Candlestick Setup Indicator from Decisive Trading:

  • Before You Begin
    • Information
  • Pro Real Time Indicator
    • Files To Download
    • Installation Video
    • Important Note For Pro Real Time
  • Pro Real Time for S&P500
    • S&P500 Indicator
    • Files to Download
  • MT4 Indicator
    • Before Installation
    • Files To Download
  • Installation Videos
  • MT4 for S&P 500
  • S&P500 Indicator
  • File to Download

About your instructor James Orr

James Orr is the Decisive Trading founder. He taught himself how to trade and did it in a tough manner. He blew up accounts on his travels and committed every error in the book. Much of this was because he had extremely inadequate education and training. At that time he felt that the more he paid, the better the education would be and, as such, wasted thousands of pounds on knowledge that was meaningless. But James Orr persevered and succeeded in trading. Indeed, he has created very successful, high probability trading strategies that he is still using today and which allow him to trade on a full-time basis. James Orr returned to the basics and spent hundreds of hours in the charts to perfect what he understood and to find new, valuable information in the world. He worked 18 hour days for months, sitting on his computer with a solid determination and more than a few coffees to do so. The firm foundation that formed the basis for all he accomplishes now developed from the hard effort.

What is Decisive Trading?

Decisive Trading

Decisive Trading is a platform created by James Orr to enable you to overcome the difficulty it has suffered and many beginning traders continue to fight today. It aims to provide you the best opportunity to become a successful, independent trader. To do this, Decisive Trading offers many free videos to learn the essentials for free on our YouTube channel. In addition, they provide professional training classes which take you to the next stage of your trading adventure, with all the knowledge of the highest level and precisely tailored to provide you with the edge of successful markets

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