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The training program Dealmaker Empire by Carl Allen will walk you through the strategy to buy a profitable business to scale your revenue and cash flow. 

Master the education in small business acquisitions and dealmaking through the course Dealmaker Empire with Carl Allen

For business owners making at least $500k a year, Dealmaker Empire is for you if you’re ready to expand your company rapidly via acquisition and become a titan. You’ll go from being a sole proprietor/operator to the CEO of a burgeoning empire by the conclusion of this 10-week intensive training program. Eight modules, each with four lessons and a video application, make up this training system.

Carl Allen’s Dealmaker Empire program will provide you an MBA-level education in small company acquisitions and dealmaking by the time you finish. By following the system’s directions, you’ll be able to add a new business to your current one. These newfound abilities will help your family members, children, grandkids, peers, and the rest of your community respect you and remember you fondly for the rest of their lives.

It’s a 10-week semester in which you will learn how to rapidly and securely increase your revenues, one client at a time, that would be almost impossible organically. That’s what Dealmaker Empire is. Carl Allen and Adam Markley will share their combined 45 years of business experience with you through online tutorials and live weekly accountability calls in order to teach you how to buy an existing, profitable business that will massively expand your company’s top and bottom line and your personal net worth without having to put up any of your own capital.

Overview of what you will get from the course Dealmaker Empire by Carl Allen

  • Module 1: Introduction, Leverage, and Attitude: Gain a bird’s-eye view of the buy-and-build idea, sharpen your mindset for peak dealmaking, and learn how to leverage your existing team.
  • Module 2: Merger Strategy and Specification: Discover how to significantly increase organizational value by merging the activities of different organizations, and gain insight on what makes a deal ideal for you.
  • Module 3: Origination of Deals: Recognize transaction origination concepts and develop effective strategies for networking, approaching possible sellers, and collaborating with brokers.
  • Module 4: Deal Analysis and Meetings: Develop efficient tactics for conducting effective seller meetings and obtaining the information necessary to evaluate transactions effectively.
  • Module 5: Financial Analysis and Deal Structure: Develop proficiency in reading financial accounts and developing models for analyzing acquisitions.
  • Module 6: Proposals & Negotiations: Develop skills in structuring transactions and presenting offers to sellers. This lesson discusses negotiation skills and Carl’s 5-6-7 Playbook for Negotiation.
  • Module 7: Financing: Become familiar with the many methods for financing an acquisition without spending your own money.
  • Module 8: Deal Execution & Closing: Successfully complete the business acquisition process by understanding how to guide your deal team through the many stages of due diligence, the legal procedure, and the closing plan.

Figure out your course mentor Carl Allen

Carl Allen

Veteran dealmaker Carl Allen has been buying and selling companies of all sizes all around the globe for almost 30 years. Over the course of his career, he has been a part of over 330 transactions totalling approximately $48 billion in transactional value, with transactions ranging from $1 to $13.9 billion. As a result of his work on Wall Street, Carl Allen has advised some of the world’s most well-known firms on investments, acquisitions, disposals, and reorganizations. Many small and medium-sized company owners have learned from him how to secure equity and debt financing for their current businesses or for new acquisitions. To date, Carl Allen has purchased and sold over 20 enterprises since becoming a company owner in 2008.

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