The Leads Academy – David Longacre & Nate Fischer


The Leads Academy by David Longacre and Nate Fischer walks you through the techniques and strategies for you to grow the lead generation in your business.

The Leads Academy by David Longacre and Nate Fischer, the more leads you have, the more profits you can gain 

The Leads Academy by David Longacre and Nate Fischer is based on the simple philosophy of the sales funnel, when you have more leads in the funnel, it will become bigger in the revenue part. The Leads Academy sheds light on the methods to expand it without high costs, while increasing the winning rates at the end of the day. With the model of sales funnel, it becomes easier for you to manage your sales and business activities. 

Moreover, you can gain insights into how to develop suitable plans and strategies for the maintenance of cash flow stability amidst the highly competitive market like business. The focal points of The Leads Academy by David Longacre and Nate Fischer are to start, grow and scale your lead generation business. The course is highly recommended for novice and beginner entrepreneurs, with the step – by – step guidelines of essential skills and setups. 

Overview of what you learn in the Leads Academy by David Longacre and Nate Fischer: 

  • The walk – through the solid foundation of lead generation, in other words, you learn the fundamentals to build a sales funnel. 
  • Insights into how to develop a partner list, outbound sales, partner outreach, etc. 
  • Guidelines of how to develop a landing page, ad campaigns, etc. for attracting new customers. 
  • Knowledge about SEO, Search Engine Optimization, for lead generation. 
  • And so much more!

About David Longacre and Nate Fischer

David Longacre

David Longacre is the Regional Sales Manager – South at Baltimore Aircoil Company, in addition to the past experience of working for many companies, such as Multistack, Dais Analytic Corporation, Johnson Controls, etc. in multiple positions of Sales & Marketing and Business management. As a result, David Longacre has had experiences in how to increase revenues with less costs, which he has shared in online courses with Nate Fischer.

Nate Fischer is now the Chairman at New Founding, as well as the founder of Principal Investments, etc. Nate has been known for his finance knowledge, which is a great addition to the business and marketing knowledge of David. Nate Fischer provides insights into how to develop a successful business model for higher profitability and lower cost. You can learn how to generate leads without spending high costs. If you would like to have further information about the Leads Academy by David Longacre and Nate Fischer, in terms of prices and samples, etc. please do not hesitate to contact our support team via Email, Skype, Live chat on our website.

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