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The training program Sales Mastery Unleashed of Dan Kennedy will teach you everything about sales such as presentation skills or closing deal strategies. 

Expand your revenue with Sales Mastery Unleashed training program of Dan Kennedy

Your days of brute force sales are over. Imagine waking up every morning knowing you have a wide range of clients and patients who consider you to be an expert and listen to you with respect and reverence. They will immediately accept with few or no resistance your advice and treatment plans. Using a full resource on the sales process, unlike anything previously accessible, you can accomplish it completely with a curriculum that we call Sales Mastery Unleashed.

Sales Mastery Unleashed is a groundbreaking program in which Dan Kennedy got down with GKIC Chief Marketing Strategist Dave Dee and was grilled for 40 years in which he tested, tweaked, and improved his technique to close more sales in a single sales circumstance. They have taken all your hard work, literally, so that you may simply use these sales tactics in your business, when the Sales Mastery Unleashed package reaches your door. In this course, you’ll receive 4 solid hours of audio CD training to discover:

  • The Foundations of Sales Success: Fundamental sales principles that you’ll rapidly understand and put to extremely profitable use.
  • Presentation Magic: Simple techniques for maximizing the efficacy and impact of any sales presentation.
  • Objections: Keys to Successfully Responding to Objections that transform a solid NO into a handshake and a contract
  • Secrets of the Closing: With these, you’ll never have to worry about them signing on the dotted line again.
  • Manual in Printed Form with Complete Transcription: You’ll also get a full, easy-to-read improved transcription in printed form, structured for optimum ease-of-use, with every word, every moment right there in black and white so you can read, re-read, make notes, underline crucial points, etc. With them, you’ll have a comprehensive, feature-rich toolset of instruction, templates, and examples more than enough to overwhelm your competition.   

You will also receive Sales Mastery Unleashed Advanced Bonus CDs. On these 3 CDs, Psychic Sales Master Dave Dee and Nick Loise of GKIC will entertain advanced sales including in the afternoon, openings, answers to complaints and close the transaction in an exciting way. In addition, you will also get the entire transcript to examine, research and underline essential steps that you need to perform rapidly and simply in your own company.

With Sales Mastery Unleashed you have to bring them into your existing business and start experiencing results rather than finding out how to use these tactics in your firm. Dan Kennedy unveils a powerful and lucrative technique to shut down more single sales and make more money without spending more money on marketing. Even though you feel that you hate to sell or are not good at it, this low-stress technique will enable you to develop natural and automatic sales without employing barbarous old school brutal tactics, which prevent and quickly detect your prospects. Sales Mastery Unleashed covers the precise techniques used by GKIC Elite to transform leads into sales and to guarantee incomparable assurance, stability and independence inside its companies.

Learn more about your teacher Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy is the provocative, real-life writer of seven popular books No B.S, 13 business books in total; a multi millionaire successful serial entrepreneur; a confident marketing consultant, consultant and coach for hundreds of private entrepreneurial customers who run companies ranging from $1 million to $1 billion; and he influences well over 1 million independent business owners annually. Dan Kennedy has appeared repeatedly with four previous American Presidents; companies such as Donald Trump and Gene Simmons; legendary businessmen including Jim McCann, Debbi Fields and Nido Qubein, and countless Hollywood sports and celebrities. Moreover, he spoke for more than 10 straight years to crowds as large as 35,000, and spoke on average to more than 250,000 people a year. Dan Kennedy lives with his wife, Carla, and their Million Dollar Dog in Ohio and northern Virginia. In roughly 100 harnessing races a year he owns, races and operates professionally at Northfield Park in Cleveland in Ohio, available at and often TVG cable network. You can find more information through his blog at

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