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The program Marketing to Affluent Home Study Course of Dan Kennedy is about promoting and selling products for a new class of customers with higher profits.

Reach more affluent and take your sales to a heightened level with Marketing to Affluent Home Study Course of Dan Kennedy

You’ll be profiting with the Marketing to Affluent Home Study Course by learning to offer your products and services to a new and rapidly increasing consumer spending class. This course allows you to find out how wealthy consumers are, how they can be found and how your business, goods, services can be repositioned and how you attract clients who have less and less economic turmoil and who are willing to pay premium rates. In addition, you may find out the mixture of Dan Kennedy’s best tactics throughout the years to acquire and keep prosperous consumers, customers and patients.

After years of tests, tweaks and experiments in his marketing laboratory, Dan Kennedy found the secrets to almost endless wealth. Dan Kennedy presented in a special session the secret formulation which he revealed to the least and last group of persons affected by the price of the affluent. The Marketing to Affluent Home Study Course includes Dan’s most efficient techniques to acquire affluent customers. This training improves your business and your life with Dan’s techniques, revealed in-depth research, trench expertise and his $50,000 annual budget for study on how to advertise affluent. You will learn the magic language, how to sell more precisely and apply the proper messaging.

The Marketing to Affluent Home Study Course covers the behavior of buyers and the emotional trigger of the growing very affluent market. This course helps you to grasp the unique psychology, the purchasing reasons, the decision-making elements and the reasons why the prosperous choose a seller to another for food products and dry cleaning or investment consultants or for luxury products and experiences. Dan Kennedy also tells you how to get out and synchronize with the affluent buyer.

Full of practical methods and examples, Dan Kennedy’s Marketing to Affluent Home Study Course allows you to take strategies from many examples of real life to apply them to your company and to look at your earnings upwards. The Course will showcase genuine examples from Disney, Bo-Flex, Land Rover, US Express, Playboy, Cadillac, Google, Warren Buffet, Flex Jets, and many more, how they attract affluents and how they generate maximum profits.

Meet your course instructor Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy is the provocative, real-life writer of seven popular books No B.S., 13 business books in total; a multi millionaire successful serial entrepreneur; a confident marketing consultant, consultant and coach for hundreds of private entrepreneurial customers who run companies ranging from $1 million to $1 billion; and he influences well over 1 million independent business owners annually.

Speaker Dan Kennedy has appeared repeatedly with four previous American Presidents; companies such as Donald Trump and Gene Simmons; famous businessmen including Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Tom Hopkins, and Tony Robbins, and countless Hollywood sports and celebrities. Dan spoke for more than 10 straight years to crowds as large as 35,000, and spoke on average to more than 250,000 people a year. He lives with his wife, Carla, and their Million Dollar Dog in Ohio and northern Virginia. In roughly 100 harnessing races a year he owns, races and operates professionally at Northfield Park in Cleveland in Ohio, available at and often TVG cable network. You can visit his blog at for additional details.

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