Crash Course in Cardiac Nursing: Skills for Success – Cyndi Zarbano

Crash Course in Cardiac Nursing: Skills for Success by Cyndi Zarbano shares with you the guidelines, top rules that help you enhance your nursing skills.

Crash Course in Cardiac Nursing: Skills for Success by Cyndi Zarbano 

Crash Course in Cardiac Nursing: Skills for Success by Cyndi Zarbano is highly recommended for beginner nurses in this field. Cardiac nursing is defined to “be a nursing specialty that works with patients who suffer from various conditions of the cardiovascular system”, according to Wikipedia. Therefore, the intensive training and the solid foundation of basics are highlighted as one of the top preparations for those who love to work in cardiac nursing. 

In the Crash Course in Cardiac Nursing: Skills for Success, Cyndi Zarbano walks you through 8 modules with the detailed instructions and illustration of images, case studies, etc. The step-by-step guidelines are provided so that you can easily adapt to real life, and also gain the basics to learn advanced concepts and knowledge in the future. You learn the Cardiovascular Assessment, Fast & Slow Dysrhythmias, Cardiovascular Drug Cabinet, Acute Coronary Syndrome, The Failing Heart, Cardiac Emergencies, etc. 

Overview of what you learn in the Crash Course in Cardiac Nursing: Skills for Success by Cyndi Zarbano: 

  • The important clues of Cardiovascular Assessment, such as Red Flags of Impending Doom, the evaluation of neck vein, blood pressure, heartbeat, rapid interventions,…
  • The mainstay of 12-Lead, the top 3 rules for recognition, how to assess Cardiac Axis, the difference between STEM I & NSTEMI. 
  • Knowledge about Dysrhythmias, such as the selection of monitor leads, the identification of AV Passive and Active tachycardias, the Aberrant Pathways, Atrial Fibrillation with WPW, Mono and Polymorphic V-Tach, and so on. 
  • Insights into Cardiovascular Drug Cabinet, the powerful medications for cardiac output and clotting, how to manage Hypertension, Polypharmacy, and so on.
  • The strategies of STEMI and NSTEMI, the identification of differences in EKG interpretation, Urgent and Emergent interventions, etc. 
  • The top priorities of managing falling heart, such as the failures of Systolic vs. Diastolic Heart, how to classify the systems, the Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump, etc.
  • Walk – through the risks, how to recognize and respond to the cardiac emergencies, such as Pulmonary Embolism, Myocardial Rupture/Tamponade, Tension Pneumothorax, Aortic Dissection, etc. 
  • How to make decisions in the Emergency Interventions for Atrial Fibrillation, with the control rate, how to prevent stroke, Cardioversion, Surgical Intervention, etc. 
  • And so much more!

About Cyndi Zarbano

Cyndi Zarbano (@Legalnursing) | Twitter

Cyndi Zarbano has had over 20 years of experience in nursing in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. Besides, you might find her familiar because she is a well-known and sought-after speaker for a wide range of topics related to health and nursing, for PESI. Besides, you can also get access to Cyndi Zarbano’s insights and hindsights through her books, such as Clinical Nursing Assessment Skills Pocket Guide and the Medical Surgical Nurses Pocket Guide. As one of the top sectors of health, you need to endure a great strain and workload if you want to be an excellent nurse. Good preparation is highly recommended, in terms of mental health and the knowledge about basics and advanced techniques related to nursing. Besides books, Cyndi Zarbano also developed and hosted many online seminars, workshops and courses, etc. for sharing the useful knowledge and experiences as the insider and predecessor for you to prepare for your career of taking care of other people. 

For further information about the Crash Course in Cardiac Nursing: Skills for Success by Cyndi Zarbano, in terms of price, samples, etc. feel free to contact our support team for detailed instruction via Email, Skype and live chat on our site. 

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