Trading Opportunities Offered By Volatility Course helps you spot the trading opportunities amidst the chaos and how to turn the losing tables. It does not share grandstanding frameworks but tried-and-true methods!

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Andrea Unger, Francesco Placci
Stock Trading

Course Overview

Cracking Volatility Course: LEARN TO TAKE THE TRADING OPPORTUNITIES OFFERED BY VOLATILITY has many techniques and strategies that you can learn from the four-time World Trading Champion, Andrea Unger.

As the name suggests, the spotlight of the course is about seeing opportunities to win no matter how volatile the market is. Instead of sharing ideal theories in textbooks, this course sheds light on the applied frameworks and powerful tools.

The underlying principles behind the ups and downs of the trading markets are explained in simple language. Thus, both beginners and experienced traders will find this course helpful to earn consistent profits!

Course Outline

  • Introduction, resources, and history of Volatility: This section depicts how volatility and the risk-return game are the same in the trading markets!
  • Concept of Risk Premium and Filters: This section includes anything you need to know about spotting risk signals and tools to deal with adverse trading situations!
  • Importance of Volatility by Understanding Mean Breakout Reverting: The instruction on volatile markets through the deep dives into breakout reverting.
  • Volatility Trading, Indices, And Regimes
  • ​ETFs and ETNs, Risks, and Mifid II: Some instruments that you might choose to trade or use as a shield from risks are shown in detail.
  • VIX Index and VIX Future: Another two instruments that many traders use to trade with high profits are under a comprehensive walk-through.
  • The 3 Strategies: These strategies are what Andrea Unger has applied to his trades. Thus, you will see the real applications of strategies and techniques to real trading through such proven frameworks.

What Will You Learn?

  • The course shares a simple explanation of the nature of market volatility.
  • We cannot avoid risks by tumultuous price actions but can learn to take advantage of market volatility for a high-profit generation.
  • The best tips and common mistakes are pointed out through the illustrated case studies and examples.
  • Access to proven strategies and tactics is open so you can take glimpses into how professional trader develops and adjusts their approaches.
  • Cracking volatility is possible if you know how to diversify your portfolio for risk minimization.

Who Is This Course For?

There are many techniques and strategies that traders at any level can learn in Trading Opportunities Offered By Volatility Course. The fundamentals and advanced techniques are shown in order so you can gain a solid foundation for flying leaps of profits!



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