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Cornu Copiae

Cornu Copiae

Advisor consists of three separate units, mechanisms conventionally called X1, X2 and X3.

X1 – is the mechanism of the warrants is based on the principle of the expectation of the market. If the expectation was justified, the order makes a profit, set the parameters, otherwise the work of the mechanism included X2.

X2 – a “two-way” Martengeyl that when a certain loss opens the second position with increased volume in the opposite direction. If the market is moving towards the second position, then when you reach a certain sum of profit both positions are closed. If the market moves in the opposite direction relative to the second position, the open position to the next larger lot, etc.

X3 – a “lifeline.” The Advisor is defined by the option that limits the amount of funds for opening positions. When approaching an acceptable level of margin, becoming the lock, ie, as if the loss is recorded, but further X3 starts and tries to remove the lock. In 80% of cases, the X3 pulls lock.

If handled properly and with advisers to merge depots is not possible !!! Income Advisor depends on the initial parameters and the depot. At moderate risk on average 20-30% per month from the depot.

To get acquainted with the work of the Adviser may purchase its demo in the same store.

Attached Counsellor (* .ex4) and instruction. The source code of advisers detailed description can also be rasskryt for a fee (price, write to the PM).

After the acquisition send me your real account number and I’ll send you a key that will only trade on this account. Up to 5 keys for one purchase.

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