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In the Buyer’s Office: Convert Conversations into Cash is a home study program in which Alan Weiss instructs you on how to convert conversations into cash in the buyer’s office. With a buyer who will be played by Suzanne Bates, an internationally known specialist and author in the field of communications who has worked with a large number of CEOs, he will take on the role of consultant. When he does the first role play, he will depict a typical consultant, and the discussion and inquiries, as well as the results, will be representative of that. In the second role-playing scenario, he will depict an outstanding consultant who seeks to maximize the genuine value and results of the project, resulting in a more successful proposal that benefits both the client and the consultant.

While taking In the Buyer’s Office program, you will learn how to lead the conversation in a certain direction and avoid wandering conversations. In addition, you receive the greatest amount of commitment from the customer as well as conceptual agreement in a short period of time. During the course, you will learn how to discover genuine indicators of success as well as how to optimize the value in the eyes of the buyer in order to increase your own fees. Aside from that, Alan Weiss demonstrates how to prevent repeated meetings and lost time by acting and behaving as a peer of the buyer.

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Alan Weiss is an unusual individual, since he can define himself as a consultant, public speaker, and author, all at the same time. He is one of those select individuals who can honestly describe himself as a consultant, speaker, and author. He has written over 60 novels in 12 languages, with the latest one being titled Threescore and More. No one else has published as many books about consulting as he has. His solo practice consulting, training, coaching, and facilitation work make him a thought leader.

Many major companies have chosen to use Alan’s consulting business, Summit Consulting Group, Inc., because of the firm’s superb reputation. Over the course of his career, he has been on the boards of directors for Trinity Rep, a regional theater that has won a Tony Award, and Festival Ballet, and has led the Newport International Film Festival. As the top 1% of professional speakers in the world, Alan Weiss was inducted into the Professional Speaking Hall of Fame, as well as being the winner of the National Speakers Association Council of Peers Award of Excellence. Among the many publications that he has authored are more than 500 papers and 60 books, including his perennial best-seller, Million Dollar Consulting, which has been in print for 25 years and will soon have its fifth edition.

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