Conversational Belief Change Mastery – Jamie Smart


The course Conversational Belief Change Mastery by Jamie Smart walks you through the technique to master conversational belief-change and transform your life.

Transform your life and others’ by taking the course Conversational Belief Change Mastery from Jamie Smart

The Sleight of Mouth and Conversational Belief Change were introduced by Jamie Smart in August 2008. Salad’s newest linguistic tools, including NLP Belief-Buster Cards, a novel DVD program, and a range of audios and accompanying documentation, were all included in the package.

If you’re looking for a simple way to learn how to speak fluently, you’ll be disappointed. It requires an awareness of human ideas, as well as extra abilities to guarantee that you don’t further implant limiting beliefs. So Jamie Smart established Conversational Belief Change Mastery to guarantee that the individuals who are really committed to understanding these patterns are able to apply them successfully. If you want to really grasp how Conversational Belief Change can alter your life and the lives of others around you, this course provides additional tools to help you do just that!

This course by Jamie Smart teaches you how to break free of self- and other-defeating beliefs via the power of conversation. In addition, you may cultivate strong, empowering beliefs. Sleight of mouth patterns may also be learned fast and effortlessly in this course. Only the most competent and experienced trainers, therapists, salesmen, lecturers, and NLP-ers have historically mastered the art of conversing changing beliefs. In addition, you’ll discover how to improve your coaching and persuasion abilities. You will accomplish your objectives and bring your aspirations to reality by the conclusion of this Conversational Belief Change Mastery.

Here’s what you are going to learn from the course Conversational Belief Change Mastery by Jamie Smart

  • The Sleight of Mouth Conversational Belief Change DVD
  • Dispelling Beliefs with NLP Unpacked CD
  • Audio Masterclasses on Busting Beliefs Produced in Manchester and Northampton
  • Teleseminar Debunking Beliefs with Live Sleight of Mouth Demonstration
  • A Transcript of the DVD is Included so that You Can Read the SOM Patterns at Your Leisure.
  • A Guidebook Describing The Patterns of Belief Change


Know more about your host Jamie Smart

Conversational Belief Change Mastery Jamie Smart

In addition to being an author, Jamie Smart is also a well-known speaker, coach, and consultant. With the help of his insights and strategies, people and businesses may achieve more time, better decision making, and significant outcomes. He is an excellent public speaker, able to hold the attention of both big and small audiences. He has a great desire to assist people and companies better grasp CLARITY and achieve the outcomes that are most important to them. Professional development seminars for trainers, coaches and consultants are also offered by Jamie in addition to his work with a select few clients. Many newspapers like The Daily Telegraph have featured him on television and radio.

In 2003, Jamie Smart founded Salad, a firm that swiftly amassed a following of more than 80,000 individuals who devoured his writings and personal development resources. The Salad Company quickly rose to prominence as the world’s top NLP product company, and Salad was widely recognized as one of the world’s best trainers. Afterwards, in 2008, Jamie moved his emphasis to the ideas of CLARITY, a new paradigm. In 2012, he sold Salad, the company he had founded to teach NLP. In the past, Jamie was responsible for overseeing multi-million dollar organizational transformation programs and was called in to save initiatives that were in danger of failing. Payzone and Dun and Bradstreet are among the companies that have worked with him.

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