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Consulting Case Interview Prep Course by The Wall Street Oasis provides the questions, knowledge, strategies and techniques that are likely to be asked.

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Consulting Case Interview Prep Course by The Wall Street Oasis


Consulting Case Interview Prep Course by The Wall Street Oasis provides you with the collection of questions and useful information for better development of your skills and knowledge to become competent to different situations to become a valuable candidate. The step – by – step guidelines and the detailed explanation of different case studies that happened in the real interviews are shown in the course. Moreover, the future scenarios that might happen are pointed out so that you can have better preparation for interviews as well as quick reaction to many sudden situations. If you are looking for a trustworthy source to prepare for the consulting interviews, the Consulting Case Interview Prep Course by The Wall Street Oasis is a great course for you. 


What can you expect when taking the Consulting Case Interview Prep Course by The Wall Street Oasis?

  • Master ALL of the Concepts


In order to become a name that consulting firms look for, you need to have the mastery of all the concepts so that you can find solutions with a wide range of methods to different situations that usually go awry in the trading market. 

  • Research Specific Consulting Firms


Access to more than 2,037 consulting interview questions collected in over 200 consulting firms can help you have better preparation on the important aspects. 

  • Build the Foundation

In – depth analysis of 11 case studies by a McKinsey Associate in more than 10 hours of training videos clarify many knowledge and techniques that you need for the interview. 

  • Prepare Quickly and Level Up


Leveraging the insights and knowledge in previous sessions of foundation, you will learn how to upgrade your techniques and strategies as well as knowledge so that you can master the main concepts and gain exponential gains to achieve the best profits. 

  • Master the Case Interview


The detailed instructions on how the interviews might go with many scenarios and the recommended solutions and ways to handle, are shown in the training that lasts more than 20 hours. 

  • Get Exclusive Inside Info on 100+ Consulting Firms


You will get access to the information and data on compensation, interviews and employee reviews for hundreds of firms, and so on to have insights into interviews and questions to expand the frames of your reference. As a result, you can find the most suitable firm and position for you. 

  • Build a High Impact Network


You will learn how to strengthen and widen your network through the techniques and strategies leveraging social media and digital tools, such as LinkedIn, Emailing and Cold Calling, and so on. The methods you learn in this session can help you gain higher engagement and response rate to your posts and emails, so that you can gain more chances to be in interviews and support from the professionals, and so on. 

  • See how Consulting veterans have done it with the WSO Video Library


You will get access to more than 40 hours of consulting videos and guidelines, Q&A videos and sample case studies, and so on.


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