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Conscious Manifestation by Eckhart Tolle & Kim Eng is an 8-week online course designed to fulfill your highest purpose and create from the fullness of being.

Discover what’s inside the course Conscious Manifestation by Eckhart Tolle & Kim Eng

Manifestation involves altering your awareness by impacting your external surroundings. Have you wondered how the creative intelligence of the cosmos empowers you to create from the depths of the Being? Or do you wonder how you may identify your goal in this world and how this is related to spiritual awakening? Then this Conscious Manifestation Course by Eckhart Tolle is right for you.
You will go with this interactive online workshop course Eckhart Tolle is a spiritual teacher, spiritual leader and the best-selling author of the New York Times, teaching and speaking extensively around the globe to teach you how to be a creative intelligence instrument of the universe, combining creativity with work to empower and serve Eckhart Tolle’s Conscious Manifestation Workshop.
Eckhart emphasizes that not everything is the same. If you come largely from your ego, your manifestation skills won’t be that tremendous. You may be successful, yet whatever you produce will not complete you in the end. We can only be fulfilled if we are in contact with our identity of essence, the “Deep I.” Many of us are asked now to utilize our skills to respond to the difficulties and demands of our day and to express ourselves in enormously innovative ways. We can all accomplish exceptional stuff. By learning and practicing Conscious Manifestation, you will develop the skill of “being and doing” in an equilibrium free environment of worry, anger and tension. You will learn how to stay large, to offer your maximum sync, and to enjoy the process.

Combine being with doing in order to unleash your creativity and serve others

Many individuals are lost, according to Eckhart. They are fully associated with this; they live in an unconscious state of tension and anxiety. Conscious manifestation constantly brings the space dimension into the realm of being. When you learn to balance, your creative life is energized. The universe’s creative intellect begins to act not only via your thoughts, but even under the surface of things, affecting others and events that benefit you. Conscious manifestation teaches you how to be an instrument of the universe’s creative genius. In the following eight weeks you will be guided by a series of lessons and activities to radically alter your vision of your life and of your ability to make an unprecedented contribution.

Here what you’ll learn from the course Conscious Manifestation by Eckhart Tolle & Kim Eng:

Eckhart Tolle Kim Eng

  • Module 1: The Fundamental Importance of Accomplishing the “Deep I”
  • Module 2: Inviting Universal Intelligence to Operate Via You
  • Module 3: Conscious Manifestation Tools
  • Module 4: Question and Answer Session with Eckhart Tolle
  • Module 5: Physical Health and Conscious Relationships 
  • Module 6: Overcoming Obstacles and Learning to Let Go
  • Module 7: Question and Answer Session with Eckhart Tolle
  • Module 8: Recognize the Positive and Be a Light in the World 
  • Bonus #1: Collection of Guided Meditations
  • Bonus #2: Discover the Joy of Present-Moment Living
  • Bonus #3: The Presence Practice

Meet your instructor Eckhart Tolle 

Eckhart Tolle is an inspiring and visionary spiritual teacher in today’s globe. With his international blockbusters The Power of Now and A New Earth, he has brought millions to today’s happiness and freedom in 52 languages. The New York Times called him “the most popular American spiritual author,” while the Watkins Review labeled him “the most influential spiritual person in the world.” Eckhart’s deep yet simple teachings have allowed many individuals across the world to experience a lively condition of inner calm in their everyday lives.

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