Cognition Communication & Critical Thinking – Jane Yakel


The Cognition Communication & Critical Thinking by Jane Yakel helps you to develop the critical thinking and provides full spectrum of neurological disorders

Dive deep in the content of Cognition Communication & Critical Thinking 

What can you get from this course?

You can consider the Cognition Communication & Critical Thinking course as the light that teaches you about the assessment and treatment of neurological impairments. Via this course, you will be instructed by Jane Yakel diving deep into the functions of the brain and deeply studying how your brain operates that impacts on every part of your inside body and metal. Therefore, at the end of this course, you will be able to maximize brain function and effectively manage personal health. 

Besides, The Cognition Communication & Critical Thinking is a dynamic program that contains many case studies and interactive learning, you will have a chance to see the true essence of cognitive-communication disorders and offers a neuroscience model used for guiding intervention.

You will be provided the therapy and intervention techniques with the innovative and evidence-based materials, that is focus on 3 main domains: Attention, memory, and executive function.

In particular, you also meet the “neuroscience systems” models of memory allowing you to deeper understand about the cognitive breakdown. 

After you get through the  whole course, you will be able to develop a critical thinking approach to therapeutic intervention and in-dept understand the spectrum of neurological disorders.

The exact content that you will learn from this course?

The content of Cognitive Communication & Critical Thinking gives you the full iceberg of brain functions that you will learn in-depth about attention, memory, and executive functions are the most commonly reported problems associated with neurological insults whether the impairment is secondary to injury, disease, or a disorder. You will discover the different types of domains to understand the operation of the brain allowing you to know more about the situation of your mind and much more easily to manage it. 

The lessons of this course will appear in a lot of terms, but do not have to be confused about it because all terms are along with the explanations written in friendly languages to ensure you can fully consume all the given knowledge to apply it on a personal case effectively. 

Here is what you will be taught by Jane Yakel when taking part in this course:

  • Cognitive communication disorders: The archives of the brain
  • Comprehensive patient assessments
  • Attention domain: The heart of it all (case studies are the studying material)
  • Processing speed domain: The root of intelligence
  • Memory domain: Mirrors of the mind (cases studies are the studying material)
  • Executive functions domain: The monitor (cases studies are the studying material)
  • Maximize brain function and health management

Learn more about Jane Yakel

Jane Yakel has been known as a licensed and certified Speech-Language Pathologist currently employed as private contractor and consultant. Most of her working time, Jane Yakel played multiple roles in the medical industry such as acute care, outpatient clinics, home health agencies, skilled nursing facilities, independent living facilities, hospitals, and school districts. Therefore, Jane Yakel has solid knowledge and strong skills in patient assessment, evaluation, treatment, and patient/family education and she constantly contributed a lot to the medical and academic industry.

Until now, Jane successfully published 4 specialized books that provide information about the comprehensive mental therapy addressing dementia, cognition, dysphagia, and assessment.

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