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Author: Christien Bouc

Christien Bouc is the founder of Bouc Media, a silicon valley based digital marketing agency that helps influencers, brands, and agencies grow on instagram. Christien and his team have helped thousands of influencers grow their following, boost their engagement, and widen their digital footprint online.

Grow On Instagram


Explode Your Growth & Exposure!

Personal? Repost? Doesn’t Matter…

Know The Tricks Of The Trade

I will reveal to you all of my secrets, hacks, tips & tricks. I will not hold anything back in this course. I will talk about botting, going viral, using panels, ordering fake followers, and anything else as I learn…

Updates On The IG Algorithm

Personalized Help In The FB Group

Too many courses leave students to incorrectly decipher & decode the information. This often results in mediocre results, but I want to personally HELP you apply what you learn so YOU can succeed!

Ready? 1, 2, 3 ….

Right now, Instagram is the most profitable social media platform! For anyone that eventually wants to own their own business, grow awareness for a movement, or even make your name into a brand — then IG is a platform you MUST learn!

With Instagram reporting ⅓ of all stories viewed are by businesses, brands can not ignore this platform for much longer”, says VIP marketer Christien Bouc who helps brands and businesses grow their following on Instagram.

Briefly, tell us about who you are, and what you do for clients:

“Thanks for having me! My name is Christien Bouc, and I am the founder of Bouc Media. We help brands and businesses crush it on Instagram. I have personally been doing social media marketing for 5 years now and built up my own social channels in order to grow my own business so I know this stuff works! Nowadays, we help clients do the same and grow them targeted, organic followers or build massive social proof fast with celebrity advertising campaigns.” Christien says.

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