Chrisbeatcancer – Square One Healing Coaching Program


Chrisbeatcancer – Square One Healing Coaching Program

The SQUARE ONE Healing Cancer Coaching Program is the culmination of my own experience, plus 15 years of research learning from doctors, experts, survivors who’ve healed naturally, and from personally coaching hundreds of cancer patients one-on-one.

I’ve taken the best, evidence-based, holistic healing protocols and organized them into a simple straightforward course for you to follow.

Module 1 is exactly what I share with every cancer patient in the first hour we spend together. It will completely change the way you think about cancer, your options and your life. SQUARE ONE Module 1 is my gift to you.

Here’s what we’re going to cover:

– What cancer really is
– The two most important questions you must ask yourself
– The Beat Cancer Mindset
– How to overcome fear
– How to build a support system
– The importance of making plans for the future
– How to enjoy your life and your healing journey








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