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What you expect to learn from You’re a Business Not a Freelancer of Chris Do

You’re a Business Not a Freelancer is a lecture series aimed towards creative freelancers who want to improve their careers in the creative industry. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing freelance work. If, on the other hand, your title is preventing you from progressing, it’s time to change your attitude about yourself. As a result of this presentation, you will learn how to overcome your preconceived beliefs about business, negotiation, and value in order to build a sustainable company while keeping your entrepreneurial spirit.

You’re a company, not a freelancer, and that matters. As part of the You’re a Business Not a Freelancer training program, you’ll learn from Chris Do, who has successfully run an advertising firm for more than two decades, producing millions of dollars in revenue. In more than 120 minutes of lecture content, you’ll learn all you need to know about value-based pricing, billing best practices, and how to deal with consumer complaints.

You choose a career in the creative sector because you are passionate about art and design. You’ve undoubtedly discovered, though, that being a successful creative involves much more than just being a good creator. It is past time to face up to the facts of life. You do not qualify as a self-employed person. Bring your self-perception as a hired shooter who is paid on an hourly basis to a close now. You are more than just a producer of goods. You are well aware that you are capable of much more than that, and it is past time for you to act in accordance with your knowledge. You are a business entity. It’s past time for you to start thinking of yourself as a self-employed business owner who is accountable for costs, profit margins, and human resource management, among other things. Reconsider your real skills by taking a step back from your freelance mindset. Build a business without risking your spiritual well-being.

How Chris Do’s training program works is described as follows. Being reminded that You’re a Business Not a Freelancer will shift your attitude and improve your worth.

  • Stop selling and start closing immediately: Develop your business and negotiation abilities in order to build a long-term business and keep a steady stream of new customers coming in.
  • Develop a new mindset and conduct yourself in the manner of a business owner. You’ll get more self-assurance in sales conversations and a greater knowledge of your own worth as a result.
  • In the end, pay attention to what your clients are saying and communicate on their level to your advantage.

Meet your trainer Chris Do

You're a Business Not a Freelancer from The Futur

Chris Do is an Emmy Award winning designer and filmmaker who serves as the CEO and Chief Strategist of Blind Television Network. He is also the founder of The Futur, an online education platform devoted to educating one billion people on how to live a life doing what they love. He is presently the chairman of the SPJA’s board of directors, as well as a consultant to the company Saleshood Inc. His other professional affiliations include the AIGA/LA, the Emmys Motion & Title Design Peer Group, Otis College of Art and Design, and Woodbury University. Speaking at conferences and leading workshops on themes such as sales, negotiation, value-based pricing, branding (graphic and motion), social media marketing, entrepreneurship, company management, and client interactions, Chris Do has shared his knowledge with a wide range of audiences.

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