Certified Social Leads Consultant – Cory Sanchez


The course Certified Social Leads Consultant of Cory Sanchez is a coaching from LinkedIn experts to help you master many aspects from this powerful platform.

Reap a number of benefits from the course Certified Social Leads Consultant of Cory Sanchez

LinkedIn is by far the biggest professional network in the world, with more than 706 million users in over 200 countries and territories worldwide (40 percent who access it every day). It is often considered a B2B goldmine, with a whooping 80 percent of B2B leads reported by LinkedIn (making it 277 percent more effective than Facebook when it comes to generating leads). A wholly-owned subsidiary of Microsoft since 2016, the site is particularly popular among high purchasing powered senior influencers and among Fortune 500 businesses is the most often utilized social media network.

With all of these things, it is no wonder that so many entrepreneurs, sellers, freelancers and managers resort to LinkedIn for the lead generation. But if we had to risk guessing, we would continue to think that LinkedIn is arguably the least used weapon in your marketing armoury at the moment. So these proven and established techniques on utilizing LinkedIn for lead creation allow you to use the tools at your disposal to ensure better results.

The Certified Social Leads Consultant course is a 4 week live coaching by an expert team of LinkedIn trainers who help you in the following areas: the profile of LinkedIn, best practices in software, prospecting letters and campaign plan for LinkedIn. Through the course Certified Social Leads Consultant of Cory Sanchez you will learn how to improve your profile and how to identify the greatest value prospects. It also teaches you how to acquire information from the 500M data base of LinkedIn, how to lock up profitably-motivated appointments, how to complete the transaction and how to meet them.

Here what you’ll get in the course Certified Social Leads Consultant of Cory Sanchez

  • Fast Action Mega-Bonus #1: LinkedIn Software License for 6 Months
  • Fast Action Mega-Bonus #2: Instant Authority Pack
  • Fast Action Mega-Bonus #3: Social Leads Promote Pack
  • Fast Action Mega-Bonus #4: Super Boost
  • Fast Action Mega-Bonus #5: LinkedIn Fanatic Finder
  • Fast Action Mega-Bonus #6: Foot in the Door Bonus
  • Fast Action Mega-Bonus #7: Specialized Training that Reveals a New Revenue Stream for Your LinkedIn Agency


Meet your course instructor Cory Sanchez

Cory Sanchez

Cory Sanchez is a burrito amateur entrepreneur, investor, global traveler and breakfast buffet. A large believer in “living a life you love”, he hopes that his writings will influence even a few individuals who go out to alter the world somehow. Cory Sanchez is a co-founder, pioneer, and Chief Architect of the award-winning software for lead production and strong information solutions of Mojo Global. He has devoted his life, as a fervent advocate for entrepreneurs, to doubling, tripling and quadrupling profits in companies through automation. Cory Sanchez is grateful for helping clients make more than 100,000 appointments in their sales pipelines, and training tens of thousands of business people in more than 30 countries to attract a high level of payment opportunities, create a search for enthusiastic fans, and easily close profitable businesses.

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