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Solidate your knowledge about central banks to make potential trades with the course Central Bank Trading Strategies from Axia Futures

In a short amount of time, central banks provide a wealth of information and trading possibilities. A group of senior and elite traders prepare for significant central bank events with a process-focused, organized approach in this Central Bank course, which provides a mechanism to navigate this information and discover trades open during each Central Bank event.

As part of Axia Futures’ training on Central Bank Trading Strategies, traders learn about how Central Banks work, as well as how to utilize order flow drills to learn about particular abilities and trading techniques via application. Preparation and real-world trading examples serve as the basis for a repeatable decision-making and trade-execution technique. Forex and bond and equities futures are also covered throughout this course.


Overview of what await you in the course Central Bank Trading Strategies by Richard from Axia Futures

  • Market Replay Environment
  • Introduction to The Course
  • Theory & Understanding
  • Bank of England (BOE)
  • European Central Bank (ECB)
  • Bank of Canada (BOC)
  • Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC)
  • Course Summary


Meet your course instructor Richard Bailey

Richard Bailey | Axia Futures

Richard Bailey, Axia Futures’ Director of Training and Development, began trading in 2008, using a technical-based trading approach which he soon expanded to incorporate event-based tactics. Many people who have traded with Richard have profited from Richard’s ability to see trends in the market and to always come up with fresh technical trading ideas. As a result of his ability to come up with innovative ideas and his knowledge of what it takes to start a profession from scratch, Richard Bailey has been able to construct a number of trade development training programs. Aspiring traders like you can benefit from the Career Course, which he has developed by drawing on the finest ideas and skills from Axia Futures’ most successful traders.


Change the way you perform trading with Axia Futures

Central Bank Trading Strategies | Axia Futures

Axia Futures is an online platform founded by a group of ambitious people with a combined experience of 50 years which aims to change the landscape of Trader Education and to produce World Class Traders via its programs. In order to ensure that traders learn properly and rapidly, they use the best people, tools, and resources available. Trader development and knowledge is also a focus of the company’s efforts. The company utilizes powerful proprietary technology to quickly improve traders’ recollection of market patterns and their ability to design trading strategies that are tailored to each trader’s particular temperament and personality. Axia Futures intends to build a global community of formidable traders that are adamant about extracting the most profit from the financial markets via the development of a process, belief, and discipline for tackling the markets with conviction and energy.

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