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The Celebrity Method Masterclass hosted by Jason Hanson will provide you the training of 6 marketing experts in getting you massive exposure on TV and more.

Learn how to transform yourself into a celebrity and make millions through TV with the Celebrity Method Masterclass by Jason Hanson

Using Facebook advertisements, joint venture agreements, membership sites, webinars and more, Jason Hanson has collected six marketing experts to share their finest methods, tips and tricks. When you purchase the course Celebrity Method Masterclass, you’ll be able to learn from webinar experts like as Russell Brunson of Clickfunnels, Ryan Levesque of ASK Method, the Facebook ad expert behind several high-ticket funnels, and the copywriter who worked with legendary copywriter Gary Halbert directly. Over the following six weeks, you’ll learn things that might alter your life.

These professionals are essential to the success of every entrepreneur who wants to generate millions for their little firm. The reason for this is because if you’re serious about becoming a household name in your field, then this marketing training is essential. Take your company to the next level by enrolling in this 6-module course Celebrity Method Masterclass.

Introducing each speaker and some of what you will learn from the course Celebrity Method Masterclass hosted by Jason Hanson

Celebrity Method Masterclass Jason Hanson

  • Module 1: Selling Through Webinars: Joel Erway, a webinar expert, demonstrates how to produce a webinar that sells. He discusses when and when not to use a webinar. He’s aided Russell Brunson and Kevin Rogers, and now he’s going to share his profit-boosting methods with you.
  • Module 2: Joint Ventures: Andy Hussong, an endorsed traffic expert, demonstrates how to form joint venture agreements that power your marketing initiatives without relying on advertising. He’s gotten them millions of dollars by collaborating with well-known marketers like Ryan Levesque.
  • Module 3: Membership Sites: Jorge Diaz is an Infusionsoft Certified Consultant, a Memberium Implementation Partner, and an expert in membership sites. He specializes in assisting entrepreneurs in developing high-converting WordPress membership sites.
  • Module 4: Email Marketing: Without Ben Settle, the Email Player and industry pioneer in sales emails, no conversation with marketing gurus would be complete. He tells you his strategy for creating profitable emails.
  • Module 5: Facebook Advertising: Rory Stern is an expert in Facebook advertising. He discusses how Facebook advertising works, his philosophy on reaching buyers, and how to construct more effective advertising campaigns in this interview.
  • Module 6: Selling on Amazon: Nate Slade is an Amazon selling expert who specializes in assisting entrepreneurs in identifying profitable products and successfully positioning them on the Amazon marketplace. Discover how to sell your products and generate reviews for your Celebrity Method-inspired book.
  • Bonus Interview #1: How to Write Copy That Generates Huge Profits
  • Bonus Interview #2: How to Become a Freelance Copywriter by Simply Selling the Damn Thing

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