Carey Perry – God-Man The Word Made Flesh (1920)


Carey Perry – God-Man The Word Made Flesh (1920)

Carey Perry - God-Man The Word Made Flesh (1920)

An unabridged, unaltered edition to include: Redemption the Ultimate Goal of Humanity – The Kingdom at Hand – Books Rejected by the Council of Nicea – Names – The Marvelous Story of Joseph and Mary – Man was Made Upright – It: The Eternity of Perfection – Sarah and Abraham – The Word of God Revealed – The Explanation of “Turning Water into Wine” – John the Baptist Physiologically Explained – The Pleagues of Egypt in the Human Body – What Was the Word of God that Came to the Prophets?. . . – The Great Pyramid – Isaiah – The Optic Thalamus , – The Central or Single Eye – Statement by a Greek Professor – The Wives and Children of Jacob – The Solar Plexus – Prophecies Fulfilled – Killing the Fatted Calf or Kaph – The Anti-Christ – The Rib-lah that Made the Womb in Man (kind) – The Bridge of Life – Sacred Books of the East – The Mystery of Santa Claus Revealed – The Science of Leap Year – The Revelation of Hermes – The Secret Doctrine – Why Re-incarnate ? – The Lake of Fire and Brimstone -Physical Regeneration – Thirteen, the United States Seal and Woodrow Wilson. … – Daniel in the Lion’s Den – Noah, the Ark and the Animals – Mistranslation of Scripture – Joshua Commanding the Sun and Moon to Stand Still – Glossary Carey Perry – God-Man The Word Made Flesh (1920)






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