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Learn Kaizen Trading & Investing Apprenticeship with Steve Nison’s Candlecharts.com. Discover the method to get big results from small and steady enhancement.

Learn Kaizen Trading & Investing Apprenticeship with Steve Nison’s Candlecharts.com. Discover the method to get big results from small and steady enhancement. 

Why was the Kaizen Trading & Investing Apprenticeship created?

When clever individuals begin trading or investing, they get training to provide them with the information necessary to achieve particular degrees of success. When trading using new candlestick training, you often experience immediate returns. The Kaizen Trading & Investing Apprenticeship program was created to focus on what is really important in chart analysis, challenges conventional analysis and trading practices, and assists in building confidence.

How does the Kaizen Trading & Investing Apprenticeship by Steve Nison’s Candlecharts.com benefit you?

The holy grail of Kaizen is process improvement. The majority of individuals place an excessive amount of emphasis on the ultimate outcomes they seek, which produces dissatisfaction when those results begin to deteriorate. Kaizen practitioners understand that by improving their processes, they can enhance their outcomes.

Trading and investing include a plethora of distinct duties and procedures. From data collection through tool selection, analysis, and final decision-making.

This Kaizen Trading & Investing Apprenticeship assists traders and investors by emphasizing tiny, continuous improvements to each of these distinct jobs and processes. By concentrating on refining your trading and investing methods, you will notice an improvement in your overall outcomes.

Introducing your instructors Syl Desaulniers and Brian Houston

About Syl Desaulniers – Nison Certified Trainer

Syl Desaulniers has worked as a freelance trader and technical analyst for almost a decade and was a previous Candlecharts.com student. He leverages his trading expertise to educate traders and investors on the appropriate use of Nison’s candlesticks, Western technical analysis, and trade management.

Syl Desaulniers
Syl Desaulniers

Syl Desaulniers, as a Nison Certified Trainer, with the demonstrated competence and abilities necessary to deliver high-quality education and support in order to provide the best possible experience with Candlecharts.com products and services.

About Brian Houston – Nison Certified Trainer

Brian Houston has been trading equities for 37 years and has specialized in option methods for the most of that time. He has employed Steve Nison’s candlestick patterns to constantly increase his knowledge and talents throughout that period. Brian just added Elliott Wave theory to his arsenal of trading tools.

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In today’s environment of extraordinary volatility and market danger, you want a weapon capable of assisting you in not just surviving, but also prospering in your trading conflicts.

Mr. Nison’s prestigious firm, Candlecharts.com, differentiates itself by integrating Japanese technical analysis, often referred to as candlestick or candle charts, with the most successful instruments of Western technical analysis.

Steve Nison’s Candlecharts.com
Steve Nison’s Candlecharts.com

The instructional services offered by Steve Nison’s Candlecharts.com are time-tested weapons that are constantly being tested on the battlefields of global markets.

The diverse selection of items on this site will assist you in identifying turning points ahead of the competition, preserving money, and improving market timing. Whether you are an institutional or private trader or investor, a novice or a seasoned expert, you will discover the perfect product or service that will enable you to fully exploit Steve Nison’s proven tactics. View more Finance & Trading Courses.

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