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The Filmmaker Guide to Audio by Brenden Bytheway shows the importance of sound in a movie and how to produce the sound with excellent quality.

The Filmmaker’s Guide to Audio by Brenden Bytheway, the harmony that sound can share with visuals in movies 

The Filmmaker Guide to Audio by Brenden Bytheway walks you through the contribution of good, or even excellent sound to the success of a movie, from the perspective of a professional filmmaker. From illuminating insights into the basic concepts, Brenden Bytheway levels the knowledge to the advanced techniques for the creation of harmony between sound and visuals in the movies. 

As you know, the sound plays an important role in a movie, which can take the emotion packed in visuals to the next level. The realistic levels of your movies are decided by not only the acting skills of the cast, the images, etc. but also by the sound. The Filmmaker’s Guide to Audio by Brenden Bytheway will show you how. The ambience of the background and context can be visualised by just the sound in the daily life and activities of your characters. Therefore, the quality of audio is one of the decisive factors to the success of a movie, which can even connect with the audience, and even make them reminisce.  

‘Sneak show’ of what is in the The Filmmaker’s Guide to Audio by Brenden Bytheway:

  • Glimpses into the whole process of sound production and post – production to create the excellent quality of sound like what you hear in Hollywood movies. 
  • Access to Adobe CC, Glidecam,, Soundstripe, Rhino sliders, etc. with the discounts. 
  • The illustrations of different sounds for different contexts, and the best practices to make them. 
  • The bonus of “The Filmmaker’s Guide To Sound Design”. 
  • And so much more!

About Brenden Bytheway

Brenden Bytheway

Brenden Bytheway is the member of Scott & Brendo, a band, cinematic duo Bytheway-May. Therefore, you can easily see the harmony of music and visuals that he could breathe in his works. Brenden Bytheway has been known for the high quality sound and the powerful images that he could create and retouch for the best impression on audience and viewers. As a result, there are more and more clients who would love their brand images, and products gain the ‘costumes’ and ‘voice’ that Brenden Bytheway designs. You can check out some of his amazing works at, such as HIV Anthem, Empty Nesters, Dessert Immersion, Atphetics, Holy Land, Future Teacher, and so on. The techniques and best practices that Brenden Bytheway has developed from years of experiences, are now openly shared in his online courses for any music and sound engineers who would like to level up their skills or expand their frames of references with the diversities of techniques and softwares. 

For further information about the Filmmaker’s Guide to Audio by Brenden Bytheway, in terms of price, free samples, etc. you can reach out to our support team via email, Skype and live chat on our website.

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