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The BCFX Online Trading Course 2.0 of Brandon Carter will teach you how to confidently enter the forex market using signals and create tremendous income.

Take your forex trading to the next level with the BCFX Online Trading Course 2.0 by Brandon Carter

When are the signals transmitted? Receive A+ quality trading plan signals of 5x or more each week of prices on different currency pairings directly to your mobile device to enter and exit the forex market with loss and profit goals. Signals are generally exchanged between London and the United States on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, the most volatile days of the week. The entry of the Forex market utilizing these signals ensures that you trade in the same direction as the world’s largest banks and hedge funds with a precision of 89-93 percent. All transactions should be at least 1:3 risk/reward and 1:4. Brandon Carter’s BCFX Online Trading Course 2.0 lets you join the forex market utilizing these signals, ensuring that you enter trade in the same direction as the largest banks and hedges in the world with 89-93 percent accuracy.

With Brandon Carter’s BCFX Online Trading Course 2.0, you will receive a simplified, condensed and powerful technical analytical trade education that ends your days of non-profit and catapults your career into a trading league with precision which allows you to make a living a major source of income and give you freedom. No indicators, no moving averages, no candlesticks, no harmonics or other rubbish taught. There will only be the proprietary trading strategy, which will provide you light years ahead, as countless pupils have shown.

The BCFX Online Trading Course 2.0 of Brandon Carter includes:

  • Complete access to course materials and periodic updates
  • Access to archived trade video demonstrations
  • Exclusive live webinars and group chats for students
  • Mentorship for the purpose of reviewing and criticizing trade concepts
  • Invitations to in-person meetups on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Trade suggestions for the next week.

Getting to know your instructor Brandon Carter

Brandon Carter

Known as @BrandonCarterFX in Instagram, a.k.a. “Mr Golden Ratio”, Brandon Carter soon became one of the finest traders ever in the industry. One of the very few in the industry, who routinely publishes calls to the market before & after moves hours, days and even weeks in advance. BCFXSignals.com is quickly becoming the most profitable signal service available. Unfinished requests for him to begin his own signals started shortly after starting IG and only increased in time as fans increased his work, leading him to start a self-service signal business to help the masses that brought you to the website now, and finally Brandon Carter is here to make some profits at your request.

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