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The course Branding by Flavilla Fongang from ConversionXL will teach you to build a brand that is ingrained in customers’ minds and knocks out competitors.

Effortlessly attract customers to your brand with the internet marketing course Branding of Flavilla Fongang from ConversionXL

It’s your brand that is your most valuable long-term asset

Brands are fundamentally recognizable, meaningful, affective and reassuring patterns that exist in people’s thoughts. The best product is not the key to your market dominance. The stronger brand prevails. There are lots of opportunities in a crowded market to fulfill their logical requirements. And as your market grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to differentiate your offering. Features and services that become normal once enjoyed by customers.

It is not only branding that is vital for consumers, it helps your customers and customers to know what to anticipate from your company. Branding is important. It’s a method to separate yourself from rivals and explain what you provide, making you the best choice. Your brand is created to represent who you are and how you want to be viewed.

Learn to build a strong brand with the course Branding of Flavilla Fongang from ConversionXL

Innovation yesterday is the commodity of tomorrow. You need to go beyond your goods to win your market. Beyond the reasonable demands of your prospects. You must build a brand that generates an emotional relationship. What precisely are you going to learn to perform in this course? You will soon have the ability to establish a successful brand strategy, stay relevant via market trends and improve consumers’ lifetime value. Everything has a confirmed, recurring formula.

After taking the Flavilla Fongang’s Branding course, you may develop a winning brand strategy which is in keeping with your dream customers’ ultimate objectives. You also know how to make your firm an apparent option and build an unforgettable brand personality and successful message. This training also enables you to build a powerful, trustworthy brand identity which is capable of attracting, engaging and keeping your prospects. You will build an efficient brand environment to enhance customer loyalty and value for life. 


What makes the course Branding unique?

The majority of books and branding materials are a big 300-page download, which can be condensed to just one single paragraph or full of too simple, unworkable advice and, worst of all, obsolete examples which are not relevant for your company. Not this Flavilla Fongang’s Branding course. In order to build a brand that attracts ideal clients, increases the efficiency of your campaigns and prospers as your market changes, you may directly cut down on what is important through practical actions and relevant examples. The training is open to both beginners and expert marketers. Whether you have read every branding book, or this is your introduction to the subject, after taking this course, you are a stronger brand strategist.


What you expect to learn in 6 modules of Branding course

  1. Brand DNA: the basis for renowned brands
  2. Brand Soul: brand purpose, vision and mission are important
  3. Branding: Distinguish your company in a competitive market
  4. Messaging for the Brand: Create a fascinating brand story and experience
  5. Brand Identity: How to harmonize with brand positioning in order to build a brand
  6. Go over and above the Approach: Create a devoted customer network and enhance each customer’s lifetime value


About your instructor Flavilla Fongang and the sales page ConversionXL


Flavilla Fongang is the founding member of the award-winning 3 Colours Rule branding and marketing agency. Flavilla provides keynote speakers, runs a Tech Brains Talk podcast and heads Tech London Advocates – Black Women in Tech. Mercedes Benz has presented Flavilla with the honor “She’s Mercedes”, and Linkedin has called her one of the most influential businesswomen.

ConversionXL provides you with sophisticated marketing training: deep growth skills, customer acquisition, analysis and conversion optimization. Tomorrow’s greatest marketers need to have a weight of analytics, high level of customer acquisition, conversion optimization, branding skills and user research. ConversionXL focuses on offering you both a variety of information and deep capabilities among the few most important. ConversionXL Minidegrees are in-depth training programs taught by top marketing practitioners to enhance your marketing abilities.

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