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Ecom Conversions with Bradley Long provides the proven techniques and strategies that help you accelerate the conversion rates of your online business.

Ecom Conversions with Bradley Long accelerates your conversion rates with the step – by – step guidelines 

Ecom Conversions with Bradley Long shares with you the top 5 methods that can help you gain top – out profits of online business on Shopify, with the aid of the Conversion Rate Optimization. As you know, you need to prospect first for the expansion of sales funnels that could help you achieve higher lead generation, which is the main key to unlocking the increase of conversion rates. When a target audience shows their interest in buying your products or services, they are called leads. And when they make a decision to buy them, they are called customers, which is called the conversion process. 

Therefore, increasing conversion rates takes time and effort in many steps, which you can take glimpses into through the Ecom Conversions with Bradley Long. The explicit instruction on how to develop viable strategies and flexible tactics is combined with the illustrations of case studies and examples in the course, which provides the blending between theories and practices. If you are looking for an online course sharing the best practices for ecom conversions, Ecom Conversions with Bradley Long is highly recommended, for any online business owners on Shopify. 

Overview of what you learn in The Ecom Conversions with Bradley Long:

  • Insights into top 5 methods to gain increasing conversion rates, including Adopt The Conversion Master’s Mindset,  Find the Leaks in Your Bucket, Find Out Why Your Visitors Aren’t Converting, What to Split-Test to Get Double & Treble-Digit Improvements, Leveraging The “Conversion Multipliers”  
  • In – depth analysis of case studies and examples where the application of the methods took place and the effects.
  • Powerful tools and softwares supporting conversion process management.  
  • And so much more!

About Bradley Long

Bradley Long

Bradley Long has been known for his vast knowledge and striking methods of digital marketing for boosting conversion rates of online business. With the aid of 6 years working in agency-side CRO experience, Bradley Long has been creating many online shopping experiences which can help you gain access to the top – out profitability with less cost. Bradley Long develops frameworks based on insights into the target audience, in combination with the powerful tools and methods for strategy setup. The market sensibility is what you see in the methods shared in Bradley Long’s courses. He is the Conversion Rate Optimization Consultant for Wizard of Web, which builds up his profile with the excellent performances of sales with the aid of his striking methods for the exponential growth of conversion rates.

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