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The course Content Kingpin provided by Bradley Benner teaches you step-by-step on how to create compelling and unique content marketing with high conversion.  

Learn to write the best content marketing with Bradley Benner in his course Content Kingpin

As one of the most successful ways to increase the involvement of the audience, expand your brand presence and drive sales, content marketing is a vital means of growth for most companies. The greater the content quality, the more useful it is and the more probable it will be for your audience to interact with your business. The more people connect with your company and spend time on your site, the more likely they will become a prospect and customer in your brand and provide you a large return on your investment in content marketing.

If you want to uncover the best approach to quickly, simply and cheaply produce high-quality content while leveraging it to click, convert, and more. If you want a means of producing this material that does not take hours or break the money, whether it is for your site or for a client’s site or a PBN property or even a 2.0 website. If you want high-quality material that is not just scrutinized, but leading to genuine data, such as clicking through rates, time at site etc. And if you are ready to start producing this content so that you can build your business and scale the creation of your content that is necessary for you to succeed online, the Content Kingpin course of Bradley Benner will be of great assistance for you.

With Content Kingpin from Bradley Benner, you will not only see how to produce high quality content for everything from your websites to websites 2.0, but you will also access accurate, gradual video and written training to enable you to start implementing these methods, or even better to do so, and to turn it into a VA for fast results. Other training is partial or near to completion in the field of internet marketing, but Content Kingpin offers comprehensive screen-based recordings of each stage and is updated when changes happen so that you don’t want to figure it out on your own.

Content Kingpin is a thorough 2-module training course with more than 25 videos. You will learn how to swiftly locate, curate, develop and distribute high quality material that enables you to meet your content demands and sell it to customers.

Module 1: Manual Content Curation

  • Demonstrate how to curate material from the ground up.
  • Why you should curate manually rather than using a plugin that just mashes stuff together and creates a post.
  • You’ll be up and running in no time with over-the-shoulder examples and information.
  • Discover precisely how to locate and publish appropriate subjects.
  • Maintain safety standards and learn how to outsource processes to save time and money.

Module 2: Tools and Resources Curation

  • There are several tools and resources available for content production and curation.
  • Demonstrate how a variety of popular products function so you can quickly determine if they’re a good fit for you and your organization.
  • Discover how popular plugins and software tools work in detail so you don’t spend time and money experimenting with the numerous options available.
  • Observe the software in action to determine which is the greatest fit for your organization.

Meet your course instructor Bradley Benner

Bradley Benner

Bradley Benner is an online marketing coach and consultant with a little bit of an addiction to the internet marketing industry. Local consultancy and digital content marketing business Big Bamboo Marketing is owned and operated by him. Small businesses may now compete with larger ones thanks to his assistance. Semantic Mastery, a website for SEO and semantic web training and education, was also created by Bradley Benner in collaboration with several multinational companies. On Google My Business SEO, Google, and YouTube Ads, marketing of PR & content, reputation and brand development, he has educated local marketing specialists about lead generation.

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