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Personal Story Power Online by Bo Eason illuminates the methods to transform or magnetize your personal experience to fascinating stories in your writing.

Personal Story Power Online by Bo Eason, personal stories turn out to be very universal! 

Personal Story Power Online by Bo Eason shows you the techniques to transform your personal experiences into the thrilling pieces or emotional plots in your stories. You might have known that writing has been helpful to release stress and anxiety, which extracts the personal feelings into words. Many art forms are based on such personal pieces of life, which does not mention that there might be every art form like this. Human beings are emotional and vulnerable, which makes us together because simply we need each other. It turns out that the most personal stories are the most universal ones. We are all sharing the same feelings of loneliness together, amid the pandemic of Covid 19. 

Personal Story Power Online by Bo Eason sheds light on the power of telling your personal feelings and make the personal stories become the source of inspiration for your writing, blogging and books. The techniques and methods you learn in this course are extracted from the experiences of Bo Eason, who has been known for powerful and emotional writing. The passion and desire for sharing the personal stories packed in different fiction characters, or telling your own life, etc. is the sign of bravery to embrace your own vulnerability. And it can help others, who read your writing, in some ways. The detailed guidelines and illustrations of each step and technique are openly shared in the Personal Story Power Online by Bo Eason. You learn how to leverage your own feelings and emotions for your writing without exploiting them, and still gain balance in life. 

Overview of what you learn in the Personal Story Power Online by Bo Eason:

  • Insights into mindsets that help you combine the power of your body and mind for perceiving the external factors and events,, which can help you find inspiration for your stories. 
  • Instructions on the basics of telling stories, the best tips for making beautiful stories out of your personal experiences. 
  • How to pitch your stories with the clients for publishing, etc. 
  • Case studies, exercises and examples. 
  • And so much more!

About Bo Eason

Bo Eason

Bo Eason has been known for many critically – acclaimed Broadway playwright writing and performances before he wore a new hat of coaching about storytelling. With the realistic experiences of magnetizing feelings to connect with audience, Bo Eason has developed many online courses, coaching programs, etc. for draw you in your own stories, and find the ‘light house’ in all the feelings you have in your life, and share it with other people, to connect with yourself and with others.  Bo Eason has been coaching for over 20,000 hours, sharing his own stories that actually happened to him. Such simple methods are powerful and inspiring for many people to start their own career with all the feelings inside them. Art is a great way for sharing and being shared. Bo Eason has been featured on many prestigious channels, such as CNN, abc, CBS, Fox, the New York Times, Time Out New York, and so on. 

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