Better Trader Academy Package

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Better Trader Academy Package is an all-in-one course bundle, providing traders at all levels with practical and in-depth trading knowledge.

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Better Trader Academy
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Course overview

Packed with 8 different and unique courses, Better Trader Academy Package will walk you through all insights and knowledge a trader needs. 8 courses include the following:

Breakout Strategies Masterclass

Breakout Strategies Masterclass offers 8 proven topics skillfully packed and illustrated within a single class. Breakout Strategies Masterclass will walk you through all the essential preparation and get you familiar with advanced techniques of technical analysis used by other professional traders.

Advanced Swing Strategies

Advanced Swing Strategies precisely demonstrate the fundamentals, the difference between swing strategies, and their applications for gaining long-term profitability. This course also offers powerful management techniques, as well as practical methods to optimize your trading ranges, complemented by vividly illustrated trading charts and insightful case studies.

14-day Breakout Strategy Challenge with the Build E-mini Breakout Strategies Fast

Via Better Trader Academy Package, you can get not only the 14-day Breakout Strategy Challenge but also the Build E-mini Breakout Strategies Fast. With these two courses, you will get introduced to the ‘Combination Screening’ and a 14-day step-by-step walkthrough to generate profitable breakout trading strategies for futures and stock markets.

Building Robust Strategies Masterclass

Clear out all the flaws in your old plans and enhance them even better with the help of the Building Robust Strategies Masterclass. By becoming a member of the course, you will seize the opportunity to directly interact with your mentor – dealer Robert Pardo. Lessons will be tailored and carried out according to your learning tempo, thus maximizing your learning efforts.

Trading Market Internals Course

Trading Market Internals Course sheds light on the knowledge and methods to understand the market – in terms of trends, patterns, cycles, and so on, for the insights into the movements. Furthermore, the Trading Market Internals Course recommends for you the profitable roadmap of trading, so that you can develop setups, frameworks, and strategies for your trading in index, stock, futures, and EFTs.

Smashing False Breakouts

Powerfully packed with 12 proven and clearly illustrated strategies, Smashing False Breakouts is created to help you to reduce fake breakouts in your present trading techniques. Every mentioned approach is simply and straightforwardly designed so that you can easily implement them.

Trading Unleashed Online Course

Entitled yourself to the coaching of the veteran machine trading broker – Martin Lembark via the trading path of Trading Unleashed Online Course. This course concentrates on developing your trading skills and immensely increasing your performance as a trader.

Dynamic Position Sizing for Advanced Traders

Dynamic Position Sizing for Advanced Traders offers an unmatchable reach of knowledge, up to 19 lessons – the highest number in this Better Trader Academy Package. The course describes key methods of evaluating potential positions and examining underlying factors of the market to achieve profitable success.

Course outline

  • Breakout Strategies Masterclass
  • Advanced Swing Strategies
  • Build e-mini breakout strategies fast + 14-day breakout strategy challenge
  • Building Robust Trading Strategies Masterclass with Robert Pardo
  • Market Internals course
  • Smashing False Breakouts
  • System Trading Unleashed Online Course
  • Dynamic Position Sizing for Advanced Traders

What will you learn?

Breakout Strategies Masterclass

  • Introduction to the hardware, software, and data to build breakout strategies
  • The process to generate potential strategies quickly and profitably, which involves approaches to designing, prototyping, and automating
  • Practical processes of pre-validation, validation, stress-testing, and finalization to enhance your strategies

Advanced Swing Strategies

  • Detailed introduction and guidelines to three types of stop-losses
  • Fundamentals of swing strategies
  • Four different types of how to exit the market to gain optimal ratios of risk/ reward

14-day Breakout Strategy Challenge with the Build E-mini Breakout Strategies Fast

  • Introduction to ‘Combination Screening’ and its application to generating profitable breakout trading strategies in the futures and stock markets
  • Five critical components of making a good quality breakout strategy that can automatically adjust to changes in the conditions of the market
  • Two safest exit strategies

Building Robust Strategies Masterclass

  • Accessing the knowledge of creating feasible strategies of Robert Pardo
  • Appropriate methods of constructing trading strategies
  • Proven frameworks and how to apply them in only hours
  • Building practical trading techniques
  • Overcoming challenges and reaching for success

Trading Market Internals Course

  • A detailed five-step guideline for developing your framework and boost in trading performance
  • Practical case studies that show situations where this setup brings a reduction of over fifty percent drawdowns
  • Applications and adaptability of the setup in different trading instruments, including index futures, stocks, ETFs, and so on
  • How to improvise your strategies by following appropriate codes

Smashing False Breakouts

  • Preparation for smashing false breakouts
  • In-depth insights to smash false breakouts with four different types of timeframes, including:
    • General Timing
    • System Timing
    • Volatility Timing
    • Market Timing

Trading Unleashed Online Course

  • How to choose the most profitable markets and timeframes for traders
  • Optimizing your technical applications to save your expense of hardware and software
  • How to constantly make profits with the ‘Best Performance Systems’
  • Recommendations on underlying factors and to evaluate the cost before starting
  • Portfolios creation for steady earnings and drawdown reduction

Dynamic Position Sizing for Advanced Traders

  • Dynamic Position sizes and the reasons to use them
  • Methods of independent DPS
  • Analyzing every factor of the market, including the strengths, weaknesses, types, and so on
  • Evaluating dynamic positions

Who is this course for?

Better Trader Academy Package is the ultimate learning resource for any serious learner, be it a passionate beginner or a seasoned trader who is looking for a compact package to systemize their knowledge.



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