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Tele-Mental Health Documentation and Medical Necessity of Beth Rontal will provide you with the essential knowledge you need to improve your practice. 

Enhance your treating skills with Tele-Mental Health Documentation and Medical Necessity of Beth Rontal

Are you aware that clinical documentation standards and telemedicine regulations differ from personal services? This 1-hour tele-mental health and medical necessity training course from Beth Rontal makes this steep learning curve a bit more bearable. You will receive the critical information you require for your online practice to deliver great treatment while at the same time ensuring that your services are paid for, including:

  • Six needs for clinical documentation unique to telehealth/telemental health
  • How to acquire informed consent virtually four questions to ask insurers
  • 4 questions to make of insurance firms
  • How to establish remote medical need
  • Prepare for catastrophes and mental health problems in advance
  • Additionally, there is much more.

The psychotherapist Beth Rontal shows how the criteria for clinical documentation and the establishment of health necessities through TV differ from those of face-to-face treatments in this video course Tele-Mental Health Documentation and Medical Necessity. She covers six requirements for telehealth/tele-mental health clinical documentation, shows how to get virtually informed consent, analyzes four questions that insurers may ask and discusses how to establish medical need remotely. It also stresses forward preparation for catastrophes and crises in mental health.

Tele-Mental Health Documentation and Medical Necessity aims to meet six key tele-mental health documentation needs and use the 9 fundamental elements needed for informed consent to be obtained in a tele-mental format. It also seeks to implement emergency measures to be implemented and recorded in the field of tele-mental health. This training program is an excellent choice for people who are presently working as counselors, social workers, marriage and family therapists, psychologists, psychotherapists, addiction counsellors, case managers, or nurses.

Here is the outline of Tele-Mental Health Documentation and Medical Necessity seminar by Beth Rontal:

  • Platforms for Telehealth
    • Platforms that are both HIPAA and non-HIPAA compliant
    • The Economic Benefits of a Business Associates Agreement
  • Documentation in Clinical Practice
    • Six general requirements tailored to telehealth
    • Specific need for telemental health
    • 4 inquiries to make to the insurance provider in order to obtain clarifications on their policies
  • Consent in the Dark
    • 9 criteria that are not necessary in face-to-face psychotherapy
    • Remotely obtaining signed consent
    • How to establish the existence of a fee decrease
    • Specific emergency measures for telemental health
  • Receiving Compensation
    • How to properly document Service Location
    • Modifiers
  • Medical Requirement
    • Three points to consider
    • 16 Telehealth-Specific Interventions

More information about your mentor Beth Rontal

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Beth Rontal, MSW, LICSW, is a private Brookline, Massachusetts psychotherapist. MSW. She also works as a documentation advisor and as a private supervisor. Ms. Rontal received her Master of Arts from Boston University and her Master of Social Work from Boston Simmons College. She spent 16 years as a clinical supervisor at a mental health clinic, where her first computerized system of recordings was designed and implemented. This implementation has cut documentation time and errors substantially, and also the amount of paperwork returned by clinicians from 65% to 8%, enabling the company to save from 3 to 5 clinical hours weekly and thousands of dollars. Ms. Rontal continues her work as a developer and consultant in the field of clinical documentation. She is a popular national lecturer and throughout the years she has given seminars and written many articles on the subject.

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