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Mental Health Documentation & Medical Necessity of Beth Rontal shows you easy-to-apply guidelines that protect quality of care and maintain your practice.

Get step-by-step instructions in the semina Mental Health Documentation & Medical Necessity by Beth Rontal

Your success depends on the capacity to create effective intake summaries, treatment plans, session notes, case/collateral notes, and discharge syntheses. Taken together, these parts of the documentation puzzle assist your objective of providing your clients with quality services. They also affect your practice’s stability and success. When done correctly, it gives insurance companies peace of mind and prompt payment. If done badly, they cause the pain of refusals, audits and loss of revenue.

The excellent news is that you can learn about mental health and medical needs. Beth Rontal’s lecture Mental Health Documentation & Medical Necessity presents clear and easy recordkeeping requirements that comply with professional standards and ethical norms, enhance quality care and prevent payment mistakes and delays.

You will receive specialized instructions from Beth Rontal, LICSW, the Documentation Wizard. For over 15 years, Beth has played an important role in transforming the approach of individuals and organisations. The result speaks for itself. Taxes at which documentation was returned for correction to physicians have decreased dramatically, in one example from 65% to less than 8%. This gave clinicians 3 to 5 hours a week to save thousands of dollars and to improve work satisfaction.

The aims of this Mental Health Documentation & Medical Necessity training program are to assess how important documentation is to support clinical decision-making and how to utilize the language of conduct needed by insurance companies to facilitate the delivery of customer services. It also helps you assess the significance of clinical diagnosis in justifying medical needs and providing clients with more effective services. The golden thread is used to evaluate how you can capture what truly happened in a clinical session without breaching privacy or confidentiality as well as medical need. Mental Health Documentation & Medical Necessity also examines possible red flags and the appropriate remedial steps in the paperwork.

Introducing your course creator Beth Rontal

Beth Rontal, Clinical Social Work/Therapist, Brookline, MA, 02446 | Psychology Today

Beth Rontal, MSW, LICSW, is a private Brookline, Massachusetts psychotherapist. She also works as a consultant for documentation (wizard) and a private supervisor. Ms. Rontal holds a Masters of Fine Arts degree from Boston University and an MA in Social Work from Boston Simmons College. She has been a clinical supervisor at a mental health clinic for 16 years, playing a significant role in the creation and implementation of the first computerized recording system at the clinic. Due to this execution the documentation time and mistakes and the quantity of paperwork reported by clinicians have been significantly lowered by 65 to 8%, allowing the company to save 3 to 5 clinical hours a week and thousands of dollars. Beth Rontal continues to work as a developer and consultant in the field of clinical documentation. She is a popular national speaker who has given seminars and written many articles on the topic over the years.

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