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Whoever comes closest to his client wins. Do you find it difficult to identify your ideal customer? You will design marketing messages that echo if you understand clearly the individuals you intend to serve. You may provide consumer views as the cornerstone for your successful sales, marketing and service plan. The first step towards buying more people is to identify your target consumer. Your success depends on the capacity to develop your clients’ goods, services and stories. The Brand Strategy Course of Bernadette Jiwa will help you acquire insights into the customers and apply them to attract additional customers.

This four-module brand strategy course gives you the tools to build your business by understanding the wishes of your clients. It is a practical curriculum that demonstrates how you may identify your brand and develop your company. The Brand Strategy Course is designed to help you implement your training so that meaningful improvements in your business may be implemented from day one. Change how you perceive your clients and your company’s potential for development. Use what you always wanted to study to create the brand. This training helps you become close to your consumers and enables you to achieve your success.

Bernadette Jiwa’s Brand Strategy Course is divided into four parts. Each module passes through a component of the Brand Story Strategy Plan, a procedure meant to help you perceive your goods and services, customers and your company in a completely new perspective.

  • Module 1: Concentrate on your customers: comprehend their worldview, go deeper into their lives and routines, and deconstruct their story using new tools and activities. The better you comprehend your customer’s perspective, the more likely you are to meet their demands and fulfill her unspoken aspirations.
  • Module 2: Take what you already know about your consumers and turn it into insights by analyzing the data from module one. These invaluable insights may serve as a strong basis for both product and marketing development.
  • Module 3: Concentrate on your product or service, delving into the value you provide. You’ll be amazed at how much your viewpoint shifts as a result of your increased knowledge about your clients.
  • Module 4: Aim for a positive client experience. This section guides you through tasks and activities that will help you comprehend what your consumers experience when they come into contact with your brand and why it matters.

By the end of your course, you will have insights into creating, differentiating and marketing your goods and services in ways that really reflect the people you wish to serve and influence. Purchase The Brand Strategy Course by Bernadette Jiwa instantly and see the results.

About Bernadette Jiwa: The course creator

Who is... Bernadette Jiwa?

Bernadette Jiwa helps people and businesses identify their superpower and develop stories that distinguish them. Named one of Australia’s top business thinkers by Smart Company in 2018, she has written eight bestselling story strategy and storytelling and marketing books. Bernadette is also the founder of the business community of the Right Company. Bernadette Jiwa advises, consults and talks with entrepreneurs and business executives, from start-ups to Fortune 500 firms, who want to perform their work and shape their future. Her employment sends her to New York from Melbourne (and everywhere in between). In the 2016 list of Best Australian Business Blogs, Bernadette’s popular and award-winning blog featured three times.

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