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Behind the Scenes Guide to Creating a Vlog by Kara reveals where the magic of youtube videos comes from through the breakdown of the process and techniques.

Behind the Scenes Guide to Creating a Vlog by Kara: what happens behind the curtain?

Behind the Scenes Guide to Creating a Vlog by Kara walks you through the preparation and takes of errors that you do not see in the smooth vlogs in youtube. The breakdown of the entire process reveals what you should do before, during and after shooting a video for your youtube channel. Kara has been a youtube content creator for years, which you can see through his channel. As a result, what he has shared with you in this course is extracted from his realistic experience. 


We can talk the most about things we know! 

Learning from the ones who have got their hands wet in reality can help you gain access to practical actions through the lens of reality. The detailed instructions are shown along with the illustrations of case studies and examples, for your better understanding of the frameworks. If you want to know whether the instructor has expertise in the things they share or not, just see the practicability of the actions and case studies they share in the course. 


Why should you take Kara’s Behind the Scenes Guide to Creating a Vlog by Kara?

  • One of the most comprehensive walk-throughs on how to make youtube videos that have tons of views. 
  • The practical techniques and strategies extracted from the experience of making and publishing more than 500 videos in youtube. 
  • The shortcut to become a successful youtuber through this one week training. 
  • And so much more!


What will you learn in Kara’s Behind the Scenes Guide to Creating a Vlog?

  • Organization: you learn the structure of your videos, projects and the importation of footage to Premiere Pro, and so on. 
  • The creation and management of a timeline: you will get access to how to sequence settings, cutting clips, and so on. 
  • Going Through the Footage: walks through Sony footage, G7X Footage, Drone Footage, etc. 
  • Speeding Up, Slowing Down, and Time Lapses: shares with you the Slo-Mo B-Roll, Manual Video Transitions, etc. 
  • Adding Text/Titles: instructions on easy text, fancy text, saved text, etc. 
  • All Things Audio: guidelines on editing audio, epidemic sound, ripple edit tool and fading, etc. 
  • Fixing Colors and Final Touch Ups: shows you the Adjustment Layers for Color Grading.
  • Rendering & Exporting: teaches you export settings for the quality of videos you wish. 
  • Uploading to Youtube: shares tips for choosing a cover photo, title, and so on.

About Kara

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Kara and Nate is a famous youtube channel about travelling. Their channel has hit more than 2.5M subscribers with more than 800 videos. Their videos are about travelling in many different countries and daily activities, which has sent many positive energies to people to live the life they have always dreamt of. Kara and Nate now started their online course program to teach others to start their youtube career through the insightful courses and training classes to share their experiences. As a result, you can learn from their best practices and common mistakes. 

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