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Become Great At Facebook Ads by CXL with Curt Maly provides a complete guideline and best practices to run effective Facebook Ads for high conversion rate.

Become Great At Facebook Ads by CXL with Curt Maly, the playbook of how to effectively conduct Facebook Ads

Become Great At Facebook Ads by CXL with Curt Maly sheds light on the best practices of running effective Facebook Ads for attracting more customers, and converting them into real ones who paid for your products and services. The comprehensive walk – through of the process is combined with the illustrations of case studies and examples, which can help you gain practical insights. There are three sections packed in the Become Great At Facebook Ads by CXL with Curt Maly, sharing the detailed instructions on how-tos. 

The course is specially designed for those who have run Facebook Ads before, and struggled with how to boost the efficiency of Facebook campaigns. If you are beginners, the prerequisites are highly recommended so that you can gain the best out of the course. It seems right in some situations where you encounter too many obstacles, it means you might follow the wrong way. Therefore, it is necessary to glean the references from the best experts in the field. Become Great At Facebook Ads by CXL with Curt Maly is among top highly recommended courses for you. 

Overview of what you learn in the Become Great At Facebook Ads course by CXL with Curt Maly:

  • Section 1 – The B.E.L.T. Method: shares with you the guideline of applying the B.E.L.T method for the stage of finding and attracting new customers, how to correlate the messages and objectives of your brand with your audience, the automation process of prospect building, the identification of target audience. 
  • Section 2 – Ads & Content: walks through the ad content creation which can help you connect with your audience, the recommended sources of online tools supporting you to produce intriguing content, videos, Facebook live streams, etc. for high engagement. 
  • Section 3 – Facebook Strategies: provides illuminating insights into how to measure the audience’s engagement and reaction for hindsights to make the next better as well as understand your target audience; instruction on developing effective Facebook strategies with the step – by – step guideline, Facebook ad management, scaling up the campaigns, etc. 

About Curl May

Curt Maly (@Curt_Maly) | Twitter

Curl May is well – known for the striking approaches of Facebook social media marketing and strategies, which have brought the flood of traffic and high conversion rates, etc. In short words, Curl May knows how to increase business revenues through Facebook campaigns, in both long terms and short terms. Curl May has consulted the strategies and tactics for many celebrities, reality TV stars, Shark Tank participants, sport teams, New York Time best-selling authors, and so on. Curl May runs his digital marketing agency called Black Box Social Media for the consulting service. Moreover, you can reach him and get access to Curl’s brilliant insights into how to run effective Facebook Ads through online courses, such as Become Great At Facebook Ads by CXL with Curt Maly. As you know, digital marketing in general, and Facebook in particular, has made a huge impact on the business activities, and gradually become one of the top marketing platforms. Therefore, the blending between theories and practices of Curl May could help you find the right tracks of how to utilise Facebook for your business’s performance. 

For further information about Become Great At Facebook Ads by CXL with Curt Maly, in terms of price, samples, etc. feel free to contact our support team for detailed instruction via Email, Skype and live chat on our site. 

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