Awaken Your Highest Self – Dr. Bradley Nelson

The training series Awaken Your Highest Self by Dr. Bradley Nelson consists of 10 video lessons which empower you to explore the best version of yourself.

Dr. Bradley Nelson teaches you how to Awaken Your Highest Self

The ten-part video series Awaken Your Highest Self by Dr. Bradley Nelson can help you unlock the secrets of energy and conscious consciousness. He teaches you how you may ask the right questions to get lasting results and find the road to success, higher vibrations and illumination. You may open your heart, remove unpleasant feelings from the past, and live joyfully and fully in the moment when you develop your intuitive talents and build more prosperity. Dr. Bradley Nelson presents his most vital keys to the energy balance and the conscious awareness in this ten-part online training video series.

The course Awaken Your Highest Self consists of 10 webinars of 60 minutes covering and teaching the following subjects:

  1. With Muscle Testing, Bring Your Highest Intelligence to Conscious Awareness: In this webinar you will uncover the secrets you won’t find anywhere else regarding muscle testing. This enables you to tap in your subconscious mind, the most powerful computer in the whole universe. Maybe you don’t know, yet you may already possess the keys to awakening, abundance and all you seek.
  2. High Vibration, Stress-free, Rewarding Relationships are Cultivated: It is all too typical in our culture today to condone and accept harmful behaviors and thought patterns in our relationships. You may learn in this webinar how to recognize such problems and what methods to prevent them from becoming a habit.
  3. Live with Peaceful and Conscious Awareness Completely and Deeply in the Present: Do you ever feel like your history has somehow haunted you? Perhaps you hang on to negative thoughts that could impede your progress at some point? In this webinar, you may discover how to achieve your goal by raising awareness. This will let you ignore both the past and the future and live in the present completely.
  4. Let the Creative Energy of Your Heart Go Loose and Manifest the Abundance that Awaits You: Your heart – your being’s center – is the source of your flawless creation, which already exists in a certain dimension. This video will show you how to unlock your heart and maybe create endless creativity, so that you can do more.
  5. Ask the Right Questions to Achieve the Longest and Most Targeted Outcomes: The secret to your success is often to ask the correct questions. This webinar will offer you the question format, which will allow you to unlock invisible doors and show your success route.
  6. Enhance your intuitive inmates and discover your hidden gifts: Have you ever pondered what your hidden gifts may be and if you live up to your potential? You are an immensely strong being, yet you may not use your powers as you can. This class will show you how you can fix it and significantly enhance your life.
  7. Live as Your Supreme Self and Transform Your Life from within: The last webinar in this series will be a unique training course that will help you build a paradigm shift in your reality. It will teach you how to make minor modifications within yourself which may lead to major improvements in your life.
  8. Connect To Your Higher Power And Get Marked By Universal Truth, Understanding And Light: There are reasons for this if you have felt at any way detached from others or from your Creator. This webinar will show you how you can solve this extremely frequent problem and leverage the power and knowledge accessible to us all the time, all you have to know is how to ask.
  9. Broadcast Your Own Perfect Vibrational Communication and Attract the Desire of Your Heart: If you focus on the current and you have your energetic vibration precisely tuned, you may be unstoppable. This webinar shows you how you may transmit the appropriate energy exactly so that you can attract and create what you desire in life more effortlessly.
  10. Raise Your Vibration from Others and Protect Yourself from Negative Energy: This webinar is meant to let you discover the tools without intervention. It will show you how to defend you from negativity from external sources so that you can’t beat yourself.


Who is Dr. Bradley Nelson?

Phương pháp trị liệu “Giải mã cảm xúc theo Dr. Bradley Nelson” – Chuyên gia tâm lý và thôi miên trị liệu Nguyễn Mạnh Quân

Dr. Bradley Nelson is the world’s leading pioneer of energy medicine. He is a holistic Chiropractor and Medical Intuitive and one of the world’s leading specialists in the developing disciplines of biological energy and psychology. Dr. Nelson received his Life Chiropractic College West honors in 1988 in San Lorenzo, California. Dr. Nelson, a practicing holistic chiropractor, was a specialist to treat people with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia and successfully served patients across the United States and Canada to go out of active practice in 2004. Since 1995, Dr. Nelson has spoken globally on energy work to alleviate chronic and incurable diseases and to restore the balance of 6 important health factors in the body. In 2009, he devoted his life to a simple but powerful self-study course called The Body Code System, meant to educate students how to balance their bodies in these six critical areas. Dr. Bradley Nelson is a well known and well-known speaker on the worldwide seminar track and currently travels throughout the globe, presenting The Emotion Code Seminar. He was a guest on several radio and TV shows and he delivered his extremely prompt message to millions of people all over the world.

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