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Automated Income Machine by Jumpcut sheds light on how to develop and scale up your business through the application of proven strategies and techniques.

Automated Income Machine by Jumpcut


Automated Income Machine by Jumpcut walks you through everything you need to know to develop an online business and achieve phenomenal growth. Through a twelve-week intensive training program, Automated Income Machine by Jumpcut equips you with the knowledge and skills in different areas, such as business strategies, marketing, content, and so on. 


What can you expect when taking the Automated Income Machine by Jumpcut?


  • Week 1 – Laying the Groundwork: 

You will learn the foundation of your business development through the deep-dives into the reality of the business market for suitable preparation for essential knowledge and techniques. 

  • Week 2 – The Roadmap to Your Big Idea:

How to brainstorm and come up with the ideas that could help you gain top-out profits through the development of your business concepts that stand out is shared. 

  • Week 3 – Audience Immersion Secrets:

The top-kept secrets behind the attraction of massive audiences and their high engagement to the online posts and business of yours are revealed. 

  • Week 4 – Content Marketing Masterclass:

Growth hacking strategies and techniques are openly shared through content marketing for long-term relationships with customers to generate the consistency of profitability. 

  • Week 5 – The Overnight Expert:

You will learn the suitable tactics that could help you position yourself as an expert, which can help you have trust from your customers and charge your products/services higher. 

  • Week 6 – Digital Product Workshop:

Deep dives into the advanced psychological strategy shed light on how to close more deals through an intimate understanding of the factors that can get your customers to buy your products and services. 

  • Week 7 – Advanced Digital Product Creation:

The secrets behind the whole process of digital product creation are revealed so that you develop your understanding about the shortcuts to reach your goals. 

  • Week 8 – Information Marketing Overview:

The blocks to your business growth are pointed out so that you can find the methods to break them down. In this session, you will learn the highly recommended solutions to common obstacles in the process of business development. 

  • Week 9 – Lucrative Marketing Funnels:

The diversification of sources for your earnings help you maintain the consistency of profits, instead of depending on only one source. Passive income is the topic discussed in this session. 

  • Week 10 – Product Launch and Sales Mastery:

The step-by-step guideline on how to create an autopilot business process is shared so that you automate the steps of marketing, selling and delivering your products. 

  • Week 11 – Roadmap to a 7-Figure Future:

The effective planning techniques can generate the roadmap to the success of your business in the long-term vision. The roadmap to a 7-figure business is openly shared in this session. 

  • Week 12 – Successful Mindset Secrets:

The walk-through on how to win the best parts and get through the tough times sheds light on the importance of your mindset. In this session, you will learn how to practice and shift your mindset into a successful one. 

About Jumpcut

Automated Income Machine Jumpcut

Jumpcut is an online educational platform for the development of business models to achieve seven figures. The masterminds behind the insightful and mind-blowing courses of Jumpcut are the top experts in multiple aspects, such as business strategy, marketing, design, and so on. There are many sections in the programs of Jumpcut, such as Viral Academy, Automated Income Machine, Video Ads Bootcamp, Contagious Content, and so on

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