Austin Passamonte Package ( Discount 25 % )


Austin Passamonte Package ( Discount 25 % )

Austin Passamonte Package ( Discount 25 % )


Austin Passamonte – CM APR (A Pivot Reverse) Trade Method ( 123 MB   $25

Austin Passamonte – CM emini ATM Trading Method (Video, Tradestation Code) ( 121 MB  $39

Austin Passamonte – CM Pivot Power Trade Method (Video, Manuals, Tradestation Codes) ( 83 MB  $19

Austin Passamonte – MorningSwing Method ( 88.8 MB   $19


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Austin Passamonte

I have followed financial markets as an active trader since 1984. Go ahead and name the highs, lows, pitfalls and strange things that happen in the course of live market trading… what I haven’t experienced yet is probably coming soon.


I’ve bought and sold mere minutes ahead of favorable price explosions more than one, and stepped in front of trains as well. Enjoyed euphoria of long strings of winning trades and endured gut-wrenching emotions thru equal strings of losses. All along the way I was searching for one solution, seeking one end result: successful trading sustained over the course of time. Not necessarily every day or even every week, but steady progress through my trading efforts on a consistent basis.


Endless hours and years later, I’ve had the fortune to work with countless traders via email, trade rooms, magazine articles and other venues. I’ve also had the pleasure of being a keynote speaker at educational seminars and live trade workshops large & small. It is a lot of fun working with real traders of all skill and experience elbow to elbow, face to face.


Bottom Line – Trading as a profession is by no means easy as the “hypesters” would have you believe or is it impossible as others would lead us to believe, either. If you are seeking to learn a trade method that works, a tool you can really use for methodical consistency over time, we have that for you.

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