Anomaly II + Manual for TS

Anomaly II + Manual for TS

Anomaly II + Manual for TS


Anomaly is a long term system that is designed to identify trend continuation patterns based on stachastics. It only takes positions when favorable stochastics-based conditions exist followed by a breakout signal. Its name is derived from the anomalous manner in which it uses stochastics – as trend continuation indicators rather than trend reversal signals. Once in the market, either a pivot point-based trailing stop (Anomaly1) or volatility filtered price channel-based trailing stop (Anomaly2) protects against price reversals and locks in profits. It uses the same completely nonoptimized system parameters and either weekly or monthly data to trade across all commodity groups. The system comes with either Windows standalone software or TradeStation add-in programs. The complete track record and detailed information can be viewed by by visiting



This system includes the following features:

Trading signals

Back testing allowed: Yes

Built-in indicators are available:

Computer-generated strategies

Futures system testing


System development and testing

System performance reports

System signals plotted on charts

System tracking

Testing of money management strategies

Testing of portfolio risk & return

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