Annie Cushing – the Annielytics Site Audit Template


Annie Cushing – The Annielytics Site Audit Template

  • Comprehensive

    This audit template is divided into 19 sections with 197 checkpoints. 199 pages total.

  • Multi-Purpose

    You can use this document as a self-guided training course for new employees. See Rand video below for how Moz is using it

  • Supplemented

    Included is a Google Spreadsheet you can use to track the progress of site changes.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

    Although comprehensive, it’s airy and formatted following design best practices.

  • Self-Guided

    You are given step-by-step instructions for each check with 100+ explainer graphics and links to videos (already all queued up).

  • Offered in Spanish

    You can purchase the audit template in Portuguese now too!

How Moz is using itRand Fishkin, founder of Moz, shares how they’re using this fully illustrated template as a training manual internally.

A manager who needs to train new marketers

This template is for you if you’re …A consultant wanting to expand your offerings

An in-house marketer on a shoestring budget

A newbie looking to bolster your resume






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